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Item item = ... ; Bid bid = new Bid(); item.addBid(bid); ... Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); session.lock(item, LockMode.READ); tx.commit();
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Obviously, not all cascading types are available in the standard javax.persistence package. Only cascading options relevant for EntityManager operations, such as persist() and merge(), are standardized. You have to use a Hibernate extension annotation to apply any Hibernate-only cascading option:
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Although the instance is always discarded with a RuntimeException, the impact on the remote reference may vary depending on the vendor.
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public static class ValueProviderFactories { private new new new new new }; static readonly ValueProviderFactoryCollection _factories = ValueProviderFactoryCollection() { FormValueProviderFactory(), RouteDataValueProviderFactory(), QueryStringValueProviderFactory(), HttpFileCollectionValueProviderFactory()
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The EJB specification marked the entrance of Java into the enterprise space. The goal of the EJB team was to put together a standard, portable mechanism for creating, assembling, deploying, and managing distributed components in Java. EJB was designed to integrate seamlessly with CORBA, a pre-existing distributed component standard. In this standard, multiple components deployed on multiple Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) can all participate in a single logical transaction, and the system administrators can control access to sensitive component methods. The resulting specification, EJB, was the enterprise equivalent of Java s original WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere ) badge of honor Write Once, Deploy Anywhere. The EJB specification now makes it theoretically possible to write a set of distributable components, deploy them to a variety of application servers, and build applications with these and other third-party components. Such a process is even relatively painless, provided you carefully follow the rules. Take that, CORBA! EJB applications are scalable. They also provide failover services more easily, and communicate with a variety of client technologies. Think about it. A Java client can be
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protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) { if (this._data != null) { Table tbl = new Table(); int maxNum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < _data.Numbers.Length; i++) { if (_data.Numbers[i] > maxNum) maxNum = data.Numbers[i]; } maxNum = Math.Min(maxNum, 10); for (int i = 0; i < maxNum; i++) { TableRow row = new TableRow(); tbl.Rows.Add(row);
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System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations. DisplayFormatAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations. DataTypeAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations. DisplayFormatAttribute
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You ve now tried out just about every section of the ASP.NET toolbox, and you ve seen controls ranging from the simple to the complex. You ve learned how controls work together, and how to create event handlers for them. You know how to create sites that use master pages, allow users to log in, provide navigation tools, access databases, and do it all while using Ajax to enhance the experience. What s left to do It s time to put it all together, of course. In the next chapter, you ll find a project that uses everything you ve learned so far to build a fully functional web site.
<path id="test.classpath"> <path refid="compile.classpath"/> <pathelement location="${junit.jar}"/> <pathelement location="${build.classes.dir}"/> <pathelement location="${test.classes.dir}"/> </path>
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<property> element instead of a <column> element. The DESCRIPTION column will be generated as VARCHAR(4000).
We define a date at each end of the block of code that we want to measure, in this case our function, and then calculate the duration as the difference between the two. In this example, we used an alert() statement to notify us of the timing, but this will work only in the simplest of cases without interrupting the workflow that we are trying to measure. The usual approach to gathering this sort of data is to write it to a log file, but the JavaScript security model prevents us from accessing the local filesystem. The best approach available to an Ajax application is to store profiling data in memory as a series of objects, which we later render as DOM nodes to create a report.
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