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Don t let team objections get you down. The initial resistance will eventually give way to acceptance as the team works with the CI system. Virginia Satir, a family therapist, developed the Satir Change Model, which shows how families deal with change. Steven Smith wrote that the same model can be used to show how new technology is adopted ( The change process involves five steps:
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In addition to the simple saving and retrieval operations, the PersonalizationProvider class also defines a number of query-related methods that must be implemented. Table 6.3 shows the key methods that must be implemented when inheriting from the abstract PersonalizationProvider class and briefly describes their use.
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You call up this window by choosing Window > Organizer. You can store references to a number of projects here, linking them in from the + menu that appears at the bottom of the window. In addition to easily accessing your projects, you can compile them in a variety of configurations and even see debugging logs and crash logs related to them.
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Comments Overloading the Or operator does not automatically overload the related OrElse operator. To use OrElse, you must also overload the special IsTrue operator. It s not a real Visual Basic operator, and you can t call it directly even when overloaded. But when you use the OrElse operator in place of an overloaded Or operator, Visual Basic calls the IsTrue operator when needed. There are a few rules you must follow to use the IsTrue overload: The overloaded Or operator must return the class type of the class in which it is defined. If you want to use OrElse on the Bumblebee class, the overload of the Or operator in that class must return a value of type Bumblebee. The overloaded IsTrue operator must accept a single operand of the containing class s type (Bumblebee), and return a Boolean. You must also overload the IsFalse operator. How you determine the truth or falsity of a Bumblebee is up to you. The IsFalse overload works just like IsTrue, and has similar rules, but it applies to the And and AndAlso operators.
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push their work onto it and regularly pull the work of others out to a local construction site. Source control systems, also called version or revision control systems, are programs that let you manage changes in files. More important, source control systems hold the files containing the source code for your software. But generally, it doesn t matter what kind of files are managed: documents or binary files are also welcome. As shown in figure 2.1, source control clients are able to read from and write to a revision control repository. In this chapter, you ll learn why a source control system is essential not only for the CI process, but also in the day-to-day life of the developer. You ll choose a suitable tool for your needs, taking into consideration a number of attributes. Subversion (SVN) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) source control will prove to be the source control systems to choose from. We ll look at the VisualSVN Server as a suitable Subversion package for the Windows platform. You ll learn how to use TortoiseSVN, a great SVN Windows client. And last but not least, you ll prepare and dispatch to source control the sample project introduced in chapter 1. After that, you ll learn how to do the same with TFS source control. But first, why do you need a source control system in your CI environment
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The default and most useful storage for a Lucene directory is a filesystem (if possible, a local filesystem). Such a model is efficient for several reasons:
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Figure 8.12 When starting the Palm OS Emulator (POSE) on the development system for the first time, this window is displayed. The POSE remembers the ROM file, device type, skin, and RAM size of the last session. However, on the first invocation of the POSE, without a prior session, the user is left to press New and select the new session information.
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public class TestHighlighter extends SearchTestCase { private IndexReader reader; private Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(); ReaderProvider readerProvider; String desc[] = { "Keanu Reeves is completely wooden in this romantic misfire. Reeves plays a traveling salesman and agrees to help a woman", "Jamie Lee Curtis finds out that he's not really a salesman and Bill Paxton is a used-car salesman."
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or bar def nextButton = Button { text: "Next"; action: function() { if(not showCharts) { If form showing if(record.valid) { delete mainPan.content[0];
Data is retrieved and displayed on the screen in a first database transaction. The user has an opportunity to view and then modify the data, outside of any database transaction. The modifications are made persistent in a second database transaction.
Listing 12.5 Atom XML output from the console application in listing 12.4
Decrypting or encrypting an existing document is easily done with PdfStamper.
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An example of this table structure is shown in figure 6.14. Here is the first major problem with this kind of association: we can t add a foreign key constraint to the BILLING_DETAILS_ID column, since some values refer to the BANK_ACCOUNT table and others to the CREDIT_CARD table. Thus, we need to come up with some other way to ensure integrity (a trigger, for example).
Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
private void checkForZombies(Context context) { Log.i(SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.tag,"checkForZombies"); AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager = AppWidgetManager.getInstance(context); int [] ids = appWidgetManager.getAppWidgetIds (new ComponentName(context,SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.class)); int goodCount = 0; for (int i=0;i<ids.length;i++) { SiteMonitorModel smm = SiteMonitorModel.getWidgetData(context,ids[i]); if (smm != null) goodCount++; } if (goodCount == 0) { Log.i(SiteMonitorWidgetImpl.tag, "There are no good widgets left! Kill alarm! ); SiteMonitorBootstrap.clearAlarm(context); } }
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