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Figure 1.1 The iPad and iPhone compared side by side. The primary difference between the two the available screen real estate is readily apparent.
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To access the JSON results, you first retrieve the data from a URL using the datawithContentsOfURL: method B, which was one of the ways we suggested for retrieving raw data earlier in the chapter. Then you plug that NSData object into the CJSONDeserializer C to generate an NSDictionary containing the JSON output. The TouchJSON classes are much easier to use than the XML parser we met earlier in this chapter. All you need to do is read through the arrays and dictionaries that are output. The downside is that the resulting dictionary may take up a lot of memory (which is why the XML parser didn t do things this way), so be aware of that if you re retrieving particularly large JSON results. Absent that concern, you should be on your way to using JSON and creating yet another link between your users iPhones and the whole world wide web. datamatrix reader
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Listing 8.13 Prototype of the PhotoGallery control
EJB overview
5.6 Mini-antipattern: Stateful Session Beans as Shared Data Caches
+y The UIAcceleration information can be used to accurately and easily measure two things: the device s relationship to gravity and its movement through three-z dimensional space. These are both done through a set of three properties, x, y, and z, which refer to a three-x dimensional axis, as shown in figure 17.1. +x The x-axis measures along the short side of the iPhone, the y-axis measures along the long side of the +z iPhone, and the z-axis measures through the iPhone. All values are measured in units of g , which is to say g-force. A value of 1 g represents the force of gravity -y on Earth at sea level. The thing to watch for when accessing your accelerFigure 17.1 The accelerometers ometer is that it measures two types of force applied to in the iPhone measure in threedimensional space. the device: both the force of movement in any direction and the force of gravity, measured in units of g. That means that an iPhone at rest will always show an acceleration of 1 g toward the Earth s core. This may require filtering if you re doing more sophisticated iPhone work.
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In any application, we want to modify the user interface as users work, to provide feedback on their actions and progress. This could range from altering the label or color of a single element, through popping up a temporary dialog, to replacing large parts of the application screen with an entirely new set of widgets. By far the most usual is to construct a DOM tree by feeding the browser with declarative HTML (in other words, writing an HTML web page). The document that we showed in listing 2.2 and figure 2.3 is rather large and complex. Let s start our DOM manipulating career with a small step. Suppose that we want to show a friendly greeting to the user. When the page first loads, we don t know his name, so we want to be able to modify the structure of the page to add his name in later, possibly to manipulate the DOM nodes programmatically. Listing 2.3 shows the initial HTML markup of this simple page.
Listing 13.6 To set a section header, define the return in the appropriate method
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