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Pattern Discussion and Comparison |
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select m.MESSAGE_ID, m.MESSAGE_TEXT, m.NEXT_MESSAGE_ID from MESSAGES m where m.MESSAGE_ID = 1 insert into MESSAGES (MESSAGE_ID, MESSAGE_TEXT, NEXT_MESSAGE_ID) values (2, 'Take me to your leader (please)', null) update MESSAGES set MESSAGE_TEXT = 'Greetings Earthling', NEXT_MESSAGE_ID = 2 where MESSAGE_ID = 1
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JavaScript within Ant See <script> task JAXB 332 JBoss 333, 343 and <ejbjar> 339 support in Middlegen 348 JBuilder 542 <jdepend> task 587 jEdit 538 Jikes 49 with CruiseControl 396 <jjtree> task 587 JMS, Java Messaging Service and Message-Driven Beans 334 JOnAS and <ejbjar> 339 and <serverdeploy> 348, 443 <jpcoverage> task 588 <jpcovmerge> task 588 <jpcovreport> task 589 JRun 343 JSP building dynamically from XML 324 compilation 288 292 compilation with Jasper 288 JSP tag libraries See Tag libraries <jspc> task 288, 589 example 289 installing dependencies 289 and WEB-INF 290 JUnit accessing external resources 93 Ant best practices 109 applying 92 94 architecture 87 91 asserts 88 capturing results in XML 98 compiling test cases 96 extensions 91 installation 91 lifecycle 90 reporting 100 105 See also <junitreport> task running multiple tests 99 setting system properties 303 test case 88 test runners 88 testing databases 105 testing J2EE in-container code See Cactus TestSuite 90 UML diagram 87
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To configure an appender to use the NDC information to identify a client, configure one similar to the following:
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Listing 19.10 Finding the edges
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Listing 11.5 Combining two entities into one index by setting configuration parameters
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Figure 1.6 Overall organization of the EJB 3 API. The Java persistence API is completely separable from the EJB 3 container. The business logic processing is carried out by through two component types: session beans and message-driven beans. Both components are managed by the container. Persistence objects are called entities, which are managed by the persistent provider through the EntityManager interface.
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internal class FileContents { public string FilePath { get; set; } public byte[] Content { get; set; } }
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Lines, Points and LinesPoints charts
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Transactions and concurrency
format a message. The specified format for the stdout appender produces the following output from the AccountBean when someone buys stock:
@Column(name="USER_ID", insertable=false, updatable=false) protected Long userId;
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