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java.awt.Image awtImage = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage(RESOURCE); Image img = Image.getInstance(writer, awtImage, quality); img.setAbsolutePosition(15, 15); document.add(img);
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Figure 5.9 shows the fruit of our labor, a dynamically generated PDF containing our stock watch list data.
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ferent levels. This occurs in the same-class, different-loader situation; that is, you try to cast a class loaded by class loader (L1) with another class instance loaded by class loader (L2).
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// Visitor interface interface IVisitor { void Visit (Element element); void Visit (ElementWithLink element); }
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An abstract class that provides an interface for all the classes in the structure and a default for the Interpreter operation
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you can import the XSD from listing 8.26: XML Schema > movies.xsd > Finish. You can see the result in the Data View panel to the left in figure 8.14. The next step is easy. You can drag the movies tree from the Data View panel to your form. Designer will automatically create a form with all the text fields you need. The form consists of fields that are organized in subforms. The yellow triangle in the upper-right corner of the rectangle enclosing the fields indicates that there s an inconsistency between the top-level subform and the underlying subforms. You can solve this problem by selecting the outer rectangle corresponding with the top-level subform. Right-click and choose Palettes > Object. An extra panel will open. Checking the Allow Page Breaks within Content check box will remove the warning. Let s reorganize the fields. In the Object panel at the bottom right, change the Content setting of the top-level subform from Positioned to Flowed. Then select the subform named movie and set that Content value to Positioned. You can now move around the fields. If you lose the overview, select the Hierarchy panel that s shown on the left in figure 8.15. If you want the form to start a new page if a movie doesn t fit on the current page, you have to uncheck the Allow Page Breaks within Content check box in the Object panel. Now save this form as a dynamic form, and you ll get a PDF as shown in figure 8.16. Running listing 8.18 with this form as resource will give you the following result:
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You ll often find yourself needing to manipulate the value in a variable, and then store that result back in the original variable. Suppose, for example, that you have a variable inventory, which you use to keep track of the quantity of widgets you have in your warehouse. You wouldn t want to have to create new variables every time inventory increases or decreases; you want the current value to always be available in inventory. C# provides several operators for just these kinds of calculations.
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To create the JAR file, we are going to use an Ant task called, appropriately, <jar>. We have dedicated a whole chapter, chapter 6, to this and the other tasks used in the packaging process. For this introductory tour of Ant we use the task at its simplest, when it can be configured to make a named JAR file out of a directory tree:
public string ChildNumber { get; set; } }
Table 3.1 Hibernate s built-in identifier generator modules Description The native identity generator picks other identity generators like identity, sequence, or hilo depending on the capabilities of the underlying database. This generator supports identity columns in DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, HSQLDB, Informix, and HypersonicSQL. The returned identifier is of type long, short, or int. A sequence in DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP DB, McKoi, Firebird, or a generator in InterBase is used. The returned identifier is of type long, short, or int. At Hibernate startup, this generator reads the maximum primary key column value of the table and increments the value by one each time a new row is inserted. The generated identifier is of type long, short, or int. This generator is especially efficient if the single-server Hibernate application has exclusive access to the database but shouldn t be used in any other scenario. A high/low algorithm is an efficient way to generate identifiers of type long, short, or int, given a table and column (by default hibernate_unique_key and next_hi, respectively) as a source of hi values. The high/low algorithm generates identifiers that are unique only for a particular database. See [Ambler 2002] for more information about the high/low approach to unique identifiers. This generator uses a 128-bit UUID (an algorithm that generates identifiers of type string, unique within a network). The IP address is used in combination with a unique timestamp. The UUID is encoded as a string of hexadecimal digits of length 32. This generation strategy isn t popular, since CHAR primary keys consume more database space than numeric keys and are marginally slower.
Console.WriteLine("Enter your input string.") inputString = Console.ReadLine( );
Note that you use two of the more advanced Interface Builder techniques that you learned in chapter 4: first linking in a new class (by changing the Identity tab) and then creating a new connection from it to your app delegate (via the Connections tab). As a result, you end up with two connections from Interface Builder to Xcode. On the one hand, the Interface Builder-created table view controller depends on your RootViewController files for its own methods; on the other hand, your app delegate file links to the controller (and eventually to the methods) via its outlet. This two-part connection to Interface Builder is common, and you should make sure you understand it before moving on. As usual, you could elect to create this object solely in Xcode, by using an allocinit command:
wi , j = tfi , j max tfi , j D * log dfi
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