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Upper- and Lowercase
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Android allows you to create simple animations by showing a set of images one after another to give the
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Figure A-4. To begin the connection to your database, select Microsoft SQL Server as your data source.
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Listing 12.10 Boosting one term of a two-term query to score it higher
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Table 14.13 PDF Text-positioning and -showing operators (continued) iText method Parameters Description
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System.Single System.Double System.Byte System.SByte System.Int16 System.UInt16 System.Int32 System.UInt32 System.Int64 System.UInt64 System.Numer ics.BigInteger System.Decimal
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The basic approach to controlling a browser control s navigation is to subclass the WebViewClient, which is also part of the android.webkit package. This class provides methods such as onPageStarted(), onPageFinished(), and numerous other methods related to browser navigation. For example, the class also has a method named onReceivedSslError(), which is invoked when a visited site has a digital certificate that either has expired or is invalid for some other reason. The range of functionality here is significant and beyond the scope of this section, so we ll focus on a narrower and more practical example to demonstrate the use of this class.
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This chapter covers
The lookup() attribute, new to EJB 3.1, defines the JNDI name that should be used to find the target EJB reference. Although mappedName() for many vendors defines the same feature, this addition is spec-compliant. As we ve seen, when placed on the bean class, the @EJB annotation will register a reference into the JNDI ENC of the bean. In this scenario, the name() and beanInterface() attributes are required. Most of the time, only the bean s interface is needed to distinguish which EJB you are referring to. Sometimes, though, you may be reusing the same business interface for multiple deployed EJBs. In that case, the bean Name() or lookup() (or, if your vendor supports it, mappedName()) attribute must be used to provide a unique identifier for the EJB you want to reference. The @EJB annotation can be used only once on your bean class. When you need to reference multiple EJBs, the @javax.ejb.EJBs annotation is available:
Event event = new Event(); session.saveOrUpdate(event);
Application events
BSD sockets
In .NET, generics is a technology that lets you define data type placeholders within types or methods. Let s say you needed to define a class to track customer data, but you didn t want to enforce a specific format on the customer ID value. Part of your code needs to interact with customer objects using an Integer ID value, while
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