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' ----- Update the patron record. sqlText = "UPDATE Patron SET LastActivity = " & _ "GETDATE( ) WHERE ID = " & patronID ExecuteSQL(sqlText) TransactionCommit( )
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MediaElement is a built-in control that allows you to play movies in WPF applications.
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public class User { private int id=-1; private String userName=null; public User(int id, String userName) { super(); = id; this.userName = userName; } public int getId() { return id;} public String getUserName() { return userName;} }
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Controlling isolation levels
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TreeView tvw = (TreeView)sender; bool getFiles = (tvw == tvwSource);
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ListEditRecords.ManageRecords(New Library.GroupName)
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Forms-Based Security |
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Build and Test
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Ajax frameworks and libraries
1.4 Object/relational mapping
Example A-38. One solution to Exercise 14-1 (continued)
myDoc = theNote as Document; Console.WriteLine( "my documentID is {0}", myDoc.ID );
Figure 9.2 This trace output contains the text for two configuration exceptions, which is the result of tracing code contained within the core ASP.NET code.
On Windows, the response will be less terse, but contains the same underlying message:
454 synchronous communication 345 system administrator account 307 System Center Operations Manager 54 system configuration file DiagnosticsConfigurationString 413 system logs 39 System.Data.Services assembly 252 System.Data.Services.Client assembly 252 System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace 150 System.ServiceModel namespace ServiceHost class 342 system.webServer 143
In your test web project, right-click on the solution folder and choose Add Folder, then select Theme Folder as the folder type. Add a folder underneath the theme folder and name it Valentine. Right-click on the new Valentine theme folder and choose Add Item to add the file that will contain the style information for your server controls, and name the skin file .
EJB overview
To initialize the validator, you need to pass in three pieces of information: The signing key The ACS namespace to check against The URL of the service the message was sent to
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