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Nope it doesn t reduce the capacity. EnsureCapacity only guarantees that the capacity is at least what you ask for, so it does nothing if there s more than you need. OK, so StringBuilder is going to accumulate the string for us, making sure there s enough space as we go along. What about finishing off the method we were writing so that it tidies up that user input as it goes along The first thing we d like to do is to correct that mistake where the user seems to have misspelled nobler as nobelr .
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HTTP is a popular protocol and common to many enterprise architectures using Java servlets. Servlets act as a controller between the client and backend components. In this example, we demonstrate how this middleware can be used to interface J2ME clients to backend systems. This example uses a client MIDP application called EnterpriseClient to contact a Servlet called EnterpriseServletExample. The client provides a menu option for sending a message over HTTP using either a GET or a POST method. The message must be formatted differently depending on the HTTP method being used. This is necessary to allow the servlet engine to process the request properly. In the case where the message is sent using a GET method, the message is passed on the parameter
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_onKeyPress does a check to determine if the ignoreEnterKey property is set to true and if the user pressed the Enter key. If the check is positive, it calls the preventDefault method on the event object to prevent execution of the event s default
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// employee IDs Random r = new Random( ); // populate the list for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { // add a random employee ID empList.Add(new Employee(r.Next(10) + 100, r.Next(20))); } // display all the contents of the Employee list for (int i = 0; i < empList.Count; i++) { Console.Write("\n{0} ", empList[i].ToString( )); } Console.WriteLine("\n"); // sort and display the employee list Employee.EmployeeComparer c = Employee.GetComparer( ); c.WhichComparison = Employee.EmployeeComparer.ComparisonType.EmpID; empList.Sort(c); // display all the contents of the Employee list for (int i = 0; i < empList.Count; i++) { Console.Write("\n{0} ", empList[i].ToString( )); } Console.WriteLine("\n"); c.WhichComparison = Employee.EmployeeComparer.ComparisonType.YearsOfService; empList.Sort(c); for (int i = 0; i < empList.Count; i++) { Console.Write("\n{0} ", empList[i].ToString( )); } Console.WriteLine("\n"); } } }
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The code does include a bit of a kludge: to keep the plane opaque through the last 3 seconds, it keeps counting opacity up cumulatively, making it climb from 1.0 to 1.75 the second time through. A better solution would be to have created three key frames for opacity: .25 at 0 seconds, 1.00 at 3 seconds, and 1.00 at 6 seconds. That s why you might want to use a key-frame animation of the sort we alluded to at the start of this section, rather than a basic animation. These simple methods for using Core Animation can take you far. Look through the CALayer class reference for everything that you re allowed to animate. For more details, read though the two Apple guides we pointed out. Before we leave graphics entirely behind, there s one other toolkit that we want to briefly touch on: OpenGL.
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The client-side framework
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objviewer.PropertyViewer.prototype.commitEdit=function(value){ if (this.type=objviewer.TYPE_SIMPLE){ this.value=value;
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The <copy> task to enable the Cactus configuration replaces @start.cactus. config@ and @end.cactus.config@ with ending and beginning XML comment notation, respectively:
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Localizes session to class
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draw_axes() and plot_function()
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public class ShoppingCartItem : TableServiceEntity { public Shirt Shirt {get;set;} public Material Material { get; set; } public SizeType Size { get; set; } }
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Because this is your first look at real live Objective-C code, we examine everything in some depth.
@Target({TYPE, METHOD}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface ExcludeDefaultInterceptors {}
Gets account credentials using StorageClient library
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