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Many enterprise applications are dependent on other systems for completing a workflow. Actually, enterprise applications many times represent steps within an enterprise workflow. In these situations, data represented by your entity beans may also be shared by (or be important to) other applications. These outside applications might need to know when the data is changed in order to begin their steps in the workflow. Sending notifications is best accomplished using a JMS implementation accessed from the application server running your EJB container.
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MPMusicPlayerController *player = [MPMusicPlayerController applicationMusicPlayer];
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< xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//EN" ""> <hibernate-mapping package="com.manning.hq.ch04"> <class name="Location" table="locations"> <id name="id" column="uid" type="long"> <generator class="native"/>
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Dim zooMember As Animal Dim monkey As New Simian zooMember = monkey ' Simian is derived from Animal
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As expected, nothing changed Create compound query with FuzzyQuery Set default
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Intent.ACTION_VIEW Intent.ACTION_VIEW Intent.ACTION_VIEW Intent.ACTION_VIEW Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH itextsharp qr barcode
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Specifies column mappings
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This is mostly the same as the previous chapter s build file, so let s focus on what has changed: You defined a new classpath, which you use in several places throughout the build file. One of the places it is used is the SchemaExport task, so you need to specify a few essential elements, including
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The target is invoked for each iteration by using the underlying mechanism that the <antcall> task uses, which means that the dependencies of the target are reevaluated each iteration. THE ANT-CONTRIB TASKS 257
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var x=3.1415926; x='pi';
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ResultTransformer converting Object[] into a Map<String,
In some cases, calling flush() causes the HTTP implementation to send data in chunks rather than all at once. Removing the call to flush() can remedy this problem, since closing the data stream will flush the buffer as well.
The event mechanism for calling the Update operation on all Observers
This example is definitely longer than our implicit animation example, but you get to define the two animations with separate durations, which is the first step to creating a more beautiful and better-controlled animation. Note that you also make use of yet another way to change an affine transform matrix into a Transform3D matrix of the type used by Core Animation: the CATransform3DMakeAffineTransform function.
You can make part of those images transparent using color key masking.
Preserving the usage rights of Reader-enabled forms
20: ADO.NET and Relational Databases |
onReceive override
BLOB content starts in section 8.1.2 In this section, we ll be looking at the challenges of storing files in a scalable fashion. If you ve had too much coffee and just can t wait to get to some BLOB content, feel free to skip along to section 8.1.2.
int amount = 256; string text = amount.ToString("X4");
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