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$addHandler method 51 $addHandlers method 51, 56, 285, 326 $alias 34 $clearHandlers method 56, 285 $create method 272 274, 281, 285, 288, 291, 300, 346 arguments 274 $create statement 318, 328, 434 $find method 272 273, 276, 281, 342, 379 syntax 281 $get command 34 $get method 50, 273, 302 $removeHandler method 51 .NET framework comment syntax 449 @Register directive 328, 335, 354 __doPostBack 239 __doPostback 238 __doPostBack function 389 __EVENTTARGET field 239 _createAddHandler method 459 _createRemoveHandler method 459 _displayImage method 297, 366 _onFormElementClick 239 _onFormSubmit 239 _onFormSubmitCompleted 240, 243 _onImageElementLoaded method 366 _onLoginButtonClicked event handler 326 _onLoginComplete callback 326 _onLoginFailed callback 326 _onTimerTick method 350 _playTransition method 366 367 _raiseEvent method 112 _setCssClass method 285 _startTimer method 350 _stopTimer method 350 add_valueChanged method 342 AddComponentProperty method 304 addCssClass method 53 AddElementProperty method 303, 328 AddEvent method 304 addHandler method 48, 110 AddHistoryPoint 465 addHistoryPoint function 468 AddProperty method 303 addRange method 61 AddScriptProperty method 304 ADO.NET 472 AdventureWorks database 219 extracting product list 470 installing 497 498 AdventureWorksDB.msi installer 498 Agility Team 333 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML 4 See also ASP.NET AJAX Ajax background request 334 Cascading Style Sheets 5 components 5 definition of 4 5 Document Object Model 5 for ASP.NET developers 115 116 JavaScript 5 6 XMLHttpRequest 5 Ajax agent 9
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completely independent of the other classes and is oblivious to any naming conventions or signatures that they have. Now, let s consider the roles in the pattern:
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The NUnit test lives in the IntegrationTests project, which also links in the hibernate.cfg.xml file to leverage the same configuration. Figure 23.6 shows the IntegrationTests project structure. We ve kept it minimal for the sake of simplicity. Notice the VisitorRepositoryTester class. It contains the automated testing necessary to ensure that the repository implementation functions as Figure 23.6 The IntegrationTests expected. We can t write unit tests for data access project contains tests for all the because data access, by its very nature, is an integramappings and repositories. tion test concern. Not only are we integrating a third-party library, NHibernate, but we re also expecting another process to be running on our network, server, or workstation. SQL Server must be up and running, and it also must contain the correct schema. If anything is wrong along the way, the tests will fail. Because of this arrangement, these integration tests are more complex than tests that don t require persisted data. Even so, when you write data access tests, keep them as small as possible, and only test the data access. Listing 23.10 shows the code for the VisitorRepositoryTester.
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Persistent collections are defined in the mapping definition for the class that contains them.
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Working within your application server, you have mapped certain users into specific logical roles. In addition, you have set up the security roles (see recipe 7.2) in the deployment descriptors for your EJB s. However, EJB clients must pass their security credentials to the EJB container in order for EJBs to acquire the user information.
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System.out.println( " cookie name......:"+cookies[ccnt].getName()); System.out.println( " cookie value.....:"+cookies[ccnt].getValue()); System.out.println( " cookie max age...:"+cookies[ccnt].getMaxAge()); } }
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Console.WriteLine(predictedLapsUntilOutOfFuel < 4);
using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
Listing 4.1 A sample thread dump
Remove handler from list
TestNG is a testing framework that has some unique functionality, which makes it especially useful for unit testing that involves complex test setups such as integration or functional testing. Some of TestNG s features are JDK 5.0 annotations for the declaration of test assemblies, support for configuration parameters and flexible grouping of tests into test suites, support for a variety of plug-ins for IDEs and Ant, and the ability to execute tests in a specific order by following dependencies. We want to approach these features step by step, so you first write a simple logic unit test without any integration of a subsystem. A unit test in TestNG A logic unit test validates a single piece of functionality and checks whether all business rules are followed by a particular component or method. If you followed our discussion earlier in this chapter about smart domain models (section 16.1.4, Designing smart domain models ), you know that we prefer to encapsulate unit-testable business logic in the domain model implementation. A logic unit test executes a test of methods in the business layer and domain model:
Just in case these settings don t exist, let s add some code just after these lines to provide default access to the files.
} else { throw new IllegalArgumentException(ParameterizedPaddedRoundedPriceBridge.class + " used one a non double type: " + value.getClass() ); } } private long round(double price) { double rounded = Math.floor( price / round ) * round; if ( rounded != price ) rounded+= round; //we round up return (long) rounded; } private String pad(long price) { String rawLong = Long.toString(price); if ( rawLong.length() > pad ) Use parameters throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Try to pad on a number too big" ); StringBuilder paddedLong = new StringBuilder(); for ( int padIndex = rawLong.length() ; padIndex < pad ; padIndex++ ) { paddedLong.append( '0' ); } return paddedLong.append( rawLong ).toString(); } }
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