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appendix B: Mapping quick reference
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In ASP.NET MVC, the ability to use web controls to encapsulate complex UI elements is all but gone. We can use web controls that don t take advantage of ViewState, but that renders web controls built for Web Forms mostly useless. Instead, we have to turn to other means to eliminate duplication in our views. With the release of ASP.NET MVC 2, our choices for tackling view duplication are expanded:
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Separate additional transitions after the first with commas. Traditional websites are already making good use of transitions to highlight page elements when a hover occurs. However, hovers aren t possible on the iPhone, so it s more likely that you ll be making transitions based on a click. Listing 4.2 shows a simple transition of a box to color in the text and background (making it more visible) when you click it.
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Listing 8.2 Creating a new container
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Builds an object from a row of data
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Java 2 465 Java 2 Micro Edition defined 3 Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 6 Java 2 Standard Edition SDK development environment 465 Java API benefits 136 Java Application Manager (JAM) 36, 49 50, 65, 422 Java Card 6 7, 438 439 Java Code Compact (JCC) 423 Java Community Process (JCP) 4, 24, 430, 461 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 444 445 Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) 424 Java Development Kit (JDK) 10 (See also SDK) Java editions 18, 190 database 135 Java Foundation Classes (JFC) (See also Swing) 76 Java Media Framework 33 Java Naming Directory Interface (JNDI) 460 Java Native Interface (JNI) 25, 439 Java platform 458 Java Platform Debugging Architecture (JPDA) 424 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 10, 50, 61, 215 Java SDK 195 Java TV 442 Java Virtual Machine Specification 27 168 170, 172, 175 javac 60, 62, 195, 197, 211 JavaHQ 132 JavaOne 11, 189, 461 JavaPhone 442 JavaServer Pages (JSP) 334 168, 172, 175 176 javax.microedition.lcdui 77, 91, 100, 107 108, 110, 231 javax.microedition.midlet 58 javax.microedition.rms 138, 150, 156 Jbed 429 compiling 195 default icons 200 file creation 196 linking 199
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As you did in the last example, start by creating a new view-based application. You need this template, because it provides a single view along with the application s delegate. Name the project TalkBack.
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In ASP.NET, an event typically a user-driven one such as the clicking of a button causes a page to send its contents back to the server for processing. This happens principally because pages are stateless, and in order for the server to retrieve the most recent status of a page, the page and all its contents are included in the request back to the server. This is made possible by a hidden field on the page called ViewState, which is responsible for storing information about the state of all the server controls in an encoded format. As you can imagine, passing this information back and forth on each postback can become costly over time, not just in terms of bandwidth for the server but also in terms of frustration for the user. One of the primary objectives of the Ajax server extensions is to find an alternative to some of this undesirable behavior. We ll go deeper into postbacks later in the chapter and with greater detail in the chapters that address the UpdatePanel control. You should understand now that postbacks cause a full-page refresh to occur, which is a behavior that Ajax applications seek to suppress or eliminate.
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Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(100, 400, 500, 800); PdfStream stream3D = new PdfStream(new FileInputStream(RESOURCE), writer); stream3D.put(PdfName.TYPE, new PdfName("3D")); Creates 3D stream3D.put(PdfName.SUBTYPE, new PdfName("U3D")); stream stream3D.flateCompress(); object PdfIndirectObject streamObject = writer.addToBody(stream3D); stream3D.writeLength(); PdfDictionary dict3D = new PdfDictionary(); dict3D.put(PdfName.TYPE, new PdfName("3DView")); dict3D.put(new PdfName("XN"), new PdfString("Default")); Creates 3D dict3D.put(new PdfName("IN"), new PdfString("Unnamed")); view dict3D.put(new PdfName("MS"), PdfName.M); dictionary dict3D.put(new PdfName("C2W"), new PdfArray( new float[] { 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1, 0, 3, -235, 28 } )); dict3D.put(PdfName.CO, new PdfNumber(235)); PdfIndirectObject dictObject = writer.addToBody(dict3D); PdfAnnotation annot = new PdfAnnotation(writer, rect); annot.put(PdfName.CONTENTS, new PdfString("3D Model")); Creates 3D annotation annot.put(PdfName.SUBTYPE, new PdfName("3D")); annot.put(PdfName.TYPE, PdfName.ANNOT); annot.put(new PdfName("3DD"), streamObject.getIndirectReference()); annot.put(new PdfName("3DV"), dictObject.getIndirectReference()); PdfAppearance ap = writer.getDirectContent()
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OurTest Redirector Proxy OurTest
Table schema
Figure 5.2 An overall schematic of AspectJ-based logging. Compare this with figure 5.1. Specifically note the reversal of arrows to and
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