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Listing 3.4 Singleton TradingMode object in JavaScript
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Gallio, external test runner is Icarus 285 Garret, Jesse James 167 GET 164 165, 235 236 GetControllerInstance 192, 196, 199, 201 GetRouteData 353 GetValueProvider 210 211 global constants 370 global content 306, 311 global data 268 Global.asax 193 194, 196, 198, 220 Google Suggest 380 Grid 66 69, 77 GridView 96, 99 100 guestbook 5, 10 GuestBookController 10, 14, 17, 19 GUID 229 Guid.TryParse 376 GuidComb() 331
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The line width In this case, a line with a thickness of 1 pt. The percentage that needs to be covered In this case, 100 percent of the available width. A color In this case, null, meaning that the default color will be used. The alignment This only makes sense if the percentage isn t 100 percent. The offset In this case, 2 pt below the baseline.
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- (NSString *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView titleForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section { if (section == 0) { return @"SDK Colors"; } else if (section == 1) { return @"RGB Colors"; } return 0; }
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Listing 5.2 Using the MvcContrib Grid with more control
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@PreDestroy public void cleanup() { ... connection.close(); connection = null; ... }
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Android s development environment
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[window addSubview:viewController.view];
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Be aware that the <ant> task has some quirky behavior regarding directory definition that only makes sense from a historical perspective. If you always set the dir attribute, this will not be an issue. The quirks are rules about what the default directory is when the directory is not specified, and it varies upon the value of inheritall. Consult the task documentation if you are curious, then follow our example and always specify the dir attribute. Writing library files is a powerful technique in a single large build file, but it is equally powerful across sequential projects. If one project s build processes are factored out into reusable library files, then the successor project can reuse the testing, auditing, reporting, and deployment codes without having to do much cut-and-paste reuse. You can also share them with other projects, adding functionality to Ant without forcing developers to write new tasks.
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Figure E.8
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groups of buttons, in which only one button is selectable at any given time. SwingScrollPane Allows large UI content to be displayed through a restricted viewport, with scrollbars for navigation. Useful if you have a big panel of widgets, for example, which you want to display inside a scrollable area. SwingSlider A thumb and track widget, for selecting a value from a range of possibilities using a mouse. SwingTextField Provides text entry facilities, unsurprisingly.
Table 9.4
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