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This code calls the UpdateBlobMetadata method on the container, passing in a NameValueCollection of metadata that you want to store against the BLOB.
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To create a link between all three entities, if all your instances are already in persistent state, add a new entry to the map:
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13.1.2 The lazy default fetch plan
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The user experience
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For this chapter s purposes, we ll use a local REST version of the string-reversal service developed in chapter 15. You can find the complete code for this revised service in the sample code for this chapter. We ve removed the entire worker role and Azure-related code to do this. ACS is about securing REST-based services, and our old service used a TCP-based binding. We ve changed it to use REST by using the WebServiceHost and the WebHttpBinding classes. The following listing shows how we re building our simple little service. This code will start up the service and wait for calls to the service.
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The significant work in this form occurs in the Load event when the existing connection string is parsed out into distinct data entry fields, and in the PromptUser routine where the parts are put back together. There are many different ways you could chop up the connection string into its base parts. I took the basic divide-and-conquer approach, extracting out each semicolonand equals sign-separated component. Here s the main block of code from the Load event handler that does the chopping and extracting:
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 18, Snippet Item 9.
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Data: advanced techniques
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Build and run tests, installing into the local Maven repository: print pdf417
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Process 1
Some servers do not always unload all libraries, especially for JAR files containing javax packages. We could set the failonerror flag to false to keep going, but we may encounter problems at unzip time. If this is a common issue, you will need to shut down the web server every deployment.
Find the selected category node
A control is a client class that derives from the base Sys.UI.Control class. In turn, Sys.UI.Control is a child class of Sys.Component. Controls have an associated DOM element that is passed to the constructor during instantiation and returned by the get_element method. In the same manner as with behaviors, let s start by looking at the simplest control an empty control. The code for the EmptyControl class is shown in listing 8.8.
Create a placeholder for the datagram example
Functional services
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