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You ve now finished the first step of connection building.
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Figure 14.10 Disconnected state, waiting for a new connection
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If you set the fill color in the graphics state outside a BT/ET sequence, this color will be used as the color of the glyphs inside the text object, but PDF also has some text-specific state operators.
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Page-Level Tracing
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Now let s tackle owner draw list items. ListBox controls allow you to use your own custom drawing code for each visible item in the list. You have two options when you are managing the item drawing by yourself: you can keep every item a consistent height, or you can make each list item a different height based on the content for that item. In the MatchingItems listbox, we ll use the same height for every list item. To enable owner draw mode, open the ItemLookup form design editor, select the MatchingItems listbox on the form or through the Properties panel, and change its DrawMode property to OwnerDrawFixed. Each matching list item will include two rows of data: (1) the title of the matching item, in bold; and (2) the three columns of author, call number, and media type data. Add the following code to the form s Load event handler that determines the entire height of each list item, and the position of the second line within each item.
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/** * Shows usage of an entity with a series of nonstandard * mappings which require additional JPA metadata to show * the ORM layer how things should be represented in the DB. */ @Test public void propertyMappings() throws Throwable { // Define the values for our employee final byte[] image = new byte[] {0x00}; final Date since = new Date(0L); // Employed since the epoch final EmployeeType type = EmployeeType.PEON; final String currentAssignment = "Learn JPA and EJB!"; try {
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business method interceptor that implements common logging code in the ActionBazaar application. Listing 5.2 contains the code for our interceptors. The interceptor attached to the addBid method will print a log message to the console each time the method is invoked. In a real-world application, this could be used as debugging information (and perhaps printed out using java.util.logging or Log4J).
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12.6.3 Refactoring debriefing
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If applied to an entity or collection with or without an additional condition and enabled in a Session, this filter always compares the REGION column of the entity table with the runtime showRegion argument. There are many other excellent use cases for dynamic data filters. Use cases for dynamic data filters Hibernate s dynamic filters are useful in many situations. The only limitation is your imagination and your skill with SQL expressions. Typical use cases are as follows:
Always creates new bean instances using the default constructor whenever a new client session is started.
black pixels and 0 bits as white pixels.
The persistence lifecycle
Using positional parameters If you prefer, you can use positional parameters instead in Hibernate and Java Persistence:
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