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What s Azure Drive
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Other Operator Overloading Issues
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sub alignStringTTF { my $gd = shift; my ($valign, $halign) = splice @_, 7, 2; my @bb = GD::Image->stringTTF(@_) or return; my ($x, $y) = @_[4,5]; SWITCH: for ($halign || 'left') { /^right/i and $x -= ($bb[2] - $bb[0]), last SWITCH; /^center/i and $x -= ($bb[2] - $bb[0])/2, last SWITCH; } SWITCH: for ($valign || 'baseline') { /^top/i and $y -= ($bb[7] - $y), last SWITCH; /^center/i and $y -= ($bb[1] + $bb[7])/2 - $y, last SWITCH; /^bottom/i and $y -= ($bb[1] - $y), last SWITCH; } return $gd->stringTTF(@_[0..3], $x, $y, $_[6]); }
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WorldBegin(); LightSource("ambientlight", {intensity => 0.5}); LightSource("distantlight", {intensity => 0.5}); Surface("plastic"); my $rot = $rotation * $frame; my $scale = ($nframes - ($frame - 1))/$nframes; Rotate($rot, 0.0, 0.0, 1); render_objects($number, $scale, $reverse * -$rot); WorldEnd(); FrameEnd(); } End();
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Random r = new Random(); var projected = from ev in events select r.Next();
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Equations 12.21 and 12.22 Calculating the dot product of the documents and the query
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As you ve seen with WPF, the flexibility of defining the design of your interface in XML lets you include features that you wouldn t have thought possible before. In fact, you can make Windows applications that don t look like Windows applications at all, but more like web applications. The idea of separating the design of the application from the underlying functionality opens up interesting possibilities. In Windows and WPF applications, both the interface and the functional code reside on your local machine; the separation is entirely in the design stage. On the Web, though, the application usually resides on a remote server, with the client using only a browser. ASP.NET with AJAX brings the two a bit closer together, where some of the controls are created in code that runs in the browser, reducing the number of times the browser needs to get data from the server, which makes for a faster, smoother user experience. Silverlight narrows the gap even more, by bringing the WPF tools to run in browsers over the Web. Silverlight requires a browser plug-in that the remote user has to accept. That plug-in contains a carefully chosen subset of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing Silverlight applications to use managed code languages like VB.NET or C# and to implement applications built on a subset of XAML. The net result is that Silverlight applications are much faster, are richer, and have capabilities that are simply not possible with AJAX, but they are limited to running on IE, Firefox, and Safari on Windows, the Mac, and Linux, for now. Silverlight is in version 2.0 at the time of this writing, and a lot of development remains to be done, but the possibilities are very exciting. Learning Silverlight is not hard, and what you ve learned about XAML in this chapter gives you a significant head start, but there is quite a bit to it. A full discussion would require a book in itself. See Programming Silverlight by Jesse Liberty and Tim Heuer (O Reilly) to learn more.
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Table C.1 Built-in Ant tasks
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3: Snappier Web Sites with AJAX
14.3.2 Interpreting sensor values
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Mini 63 mini-antipattern Immediate Reply Requested 182, 205 Logic in Exception Implementations 92 Manual Performance Testing 305, 322 Paging with a Scrollable ResultSet 106 Passing DOM Objects 111 Rotting Session Garbage 155, 161 Session Thrashing 155, 161 Skinny Messages 169 Stage Fright 317, 323 Stateful Session Beans as Shared Data Caches 151 Transparent Distribution 63 Ubiquitous Distribution 63 mistakes EJB 349 modeling with entity beans 247 Model-View-Controller 69, 360 monitoring server 382 Monolithic Consumer antipattern 188, 206 multitier applications 17 Mythical Man Month 23
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