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if ( item != null ) { StringBuilder itemInString = new StringBuilder( "Item ") .append( "(" ).append( item.getEan() ).append( ")" ) .append( " " ).append( item.getTitle() ); results.add( itemInString.toString() ); index++; } else { //mismatch between the index and the database Ignore null } } else { break; } } } finally { items.close(); } return results; }
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Bitter entities
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In fact, cancellation isn t very effective in this example because this particular task consists of code that makes a single blocking method call. Cancellation will usually do nothing here in practice the only situation in which it would have an effect is if the user managed to click Cancel before the task had even begun to execute. This illustrates an important issue: cancellation is never forced it uses a cooperative approach, because the only alternative is killing the thread executing the work. And while that would be possible, forcibly terminating threads tends to leave the process in an uncertain state it s usually impossible to know whether the thread you just zapped happened to be in the middle of modifying some shared state. Since this leaves your program s integrity in doubt, the only thing you can safely do next is kill the whole program, which is a bit drastic. So the cancellation model requires cooperation on the part of the task in question. The only situation in which cancellation would have any effect in this particular example is if the user managed to click the Cancel button before the task had even begun. If you have divided your work into numerous relatively short tasks, cancellation is more useful if you cancel tasks that have been queued up but not yet started, they will never run at all. Tasks already in progress will continue to run, but if all your tasks are short, you won t have to wait long. If you have long-running tasks, however, you will need to be able to detect cancellation and act on it if you want to handle cancellation swiftly. This means you will have to arrange for the code you run as part of the tasks to have access to the cancellation token, and they must test the IsCancellationRequested property from time to time. Cancellation isn t the only reason a task or set of tasks might stop before finishing things might be brought to a halt by exceptions.
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Description Floating-point values of type Double are followed by a capital R, or the character #. Also, if you use a numeric literal with a decimal portion, but with no trailing data type character, that literal will be typed as a Double. You can include hexadecimal literals in your code by starting the value with the &H character sequence, followed by the hex digits. Integral values of type Integer are followed by a capital I, or the character %. Also, if you use a numeric literal that falls in the range of an Integer, but with no trailing data type character, that literal will be typed as an Integer. Integral values of type Long are followed by a capital L, or the character &. Also, if you use a numeric literal that falls in the range of a Long and outside the range of an Integer, but with no trailing data type character, that literal will be typed as a Long. You can include octal literals in your code by starting the value with the &O character sequence, followed by the octal digits. Integral values of type Short are followed by a capital S. Floating-point values of type Single are followed by a capital F, or the character !. String literals appear within a set of double quotes, with no special character following the closing quote. Use two quote characters within the string literal to embed a single quotation mark.
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Public Enum ReportItemEnum ' ----- The type of item in the report select list. GroupLabel = 0 BuiltInCheckedOut = 1 BuiltInOverdue = 2 BuiltInMissing = 3 BuiltInFinesOwed = 4 BuiltInStatistics = 5 ExeProgram = 6 UrlProgram = 7 End Enum
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Listing 2.3 PlaceOrderBean stateful session bean
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iBATIS best practices
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Listing 9.10 Object model and object context getter methods
Writing Hibernate applications
public static final String JS2 = "var t = this.getAnnot(this.pageNum, 'IMDB%s'); t.popupOpen = false;";
HTTP authentication isn t always integrated with Windows security. It also supports username- and password-based authentication. The HTTP specification supports two ways of using this. Basic authentication just sends your username and password as part of the request, so unless you re using HTTPS, that s not very secure. The alternative, digest authentication, is better, but seems to be rarely used. In practice, basic authentication over HTTPS seems to be the popular choice. For either kind of authentication, you specify the username and password in the way shown in Example 13-17.
<libset id="common.libset" libs="cclib/tools,cclib/services" />
With the popularity of IoC containers, many developers aren t aware of how to implement IoC without a library like StructureMap. Many developers have experience with dependency injection, but only through the use of an IoC container. The example in this chapter employs IoC through liberal use of dependency injection via constructor injection. The decoupling mechanism employs the abstract factory pattern with start-up time bootstrapping code to initialize the abstract factories. For more on IoC, refer back to chapter 13, where we cover IoC in more detail.
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