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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use GD::Graph::pie; use GD::Graph::Data; use Gimp qw(:auto); use Gimp::Fu; my $data = GD::Graph::Data->new(); $data->read(file => 'pie.dat', delimiter => ',') or die $data->error; register "rotating_pie", "Rotating Pie", "This creates a rotating pie", "Martien Verbruggen", "Martien Verbruggen (c) 2000", "2000-02-21", "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Perl-Fu/rotating pie", "*", [ [PF_INT32, "width", "Width", 200], [PF_INT32, "height", "Height", 200], [PF_INT32, "start", "Start Angle", 0], [PF_INT32, "end", "End Angle", 360], [PF_INT32, "step", "step angle", 20] ], Define the subroutine \&chart_animation; to be called
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All this wrapper file does is pass each target in the makefile down to our nominated Ant wrapper script, setting any options we want to have (here, emacs-style output). The great thing about this tactic is it nominally adheres with a Make everywhere build policy: it uses Make everywhere and just hands off parts of the build process to a helper application called Ant. In chapter 17, we shall go the other way, handing off native code generation to make from Ant.
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ALLON Visible if all the entries are on. ANYON Visible if any of the entries are on. ANYOFF Visible if any of the entries are off. ALLOFF Visible if all of the entries are off.
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Although the form tag is standard HTML, the runat attribute is not. But ASP.NET removes that attribute from the page before sending it to the browser. The attribute only has any meaning on the server side.
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Migrating session beans to EJB 3 is quite easy because it is as simple as
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13.8 An introduction to OpenGL
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<set name="bids" cascade="all, delete-orphan" inverse="true"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Bid"/> </set>
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C H A P T ER 13
Figure 16.8 shows a series of widget annotations (PDF), and one rich media annotation (Flash). The sentence, This is the festival program for 2011-10-14 , is shown using a read-only text field. The text is updated using a JavaScript method that is triggered by the rich media annotation. The buttons with the different dates call a RichMediaExecuteAction that executes an ActionScript method in the Flash application.
Table 13.3 Functions for finishing a path Arguments context Summary Draws a line from the end point of your path to the start point, and then closes it. This is an optional final command that s usually used when you re stroking a path. Closes your path automatically, and paints it by filling it in. CGContextEOFillPath is an alternative that does the filling in a slightly different way. Paints your path by stroking it. Turns the current path into a clipping path.
aren t identical and the message is printed on the console. Of course, a test for database identity a.getId().equals ( b2.getId() ) would still return true. To further complicate our discussion of identity scopes, we need to consider how the persistence layer handles a reference to an object outside its identity scope. For example, for a persistence layer with transaction-scoped identity such as Hibernate, is a reference to a detached object (that is, an instance persisted or loaded in a previous, completed session) tolerated
This chapter covers
A style of architecture called REST (or RESTful architecture) is a recent trend in web development. REST stands for representational state transfer. The name may not be approachable, but the idea behind it absolutely is. REST is based on the principle that every notable thing in an application should be an addressable resource. Resources can be accessed via a single, common URI, and a simple set of operations is available to those resources. This is where REST gets interesting. Using lesser-known HTTP methods (also referred to as verbs) like PUT and DELETE in addition to the ubiquitous GET and POST, we can create an architecture where the URL points to the resource (the thing in question) and the HTTP method can signify the method (what to do with the thing ).
Table 9.2 The EntityManager factory is used to create an instance of an application-managed EntityManager. Method EntityManager createEntityManager() EntityManager createEntityManager(Map map) Purpose Creates an application-managed EntityManager.
imagine someone else doing at least part of this testing for you How about a customer Yes, it s possible, and that s what we ll talk about next.
As you can see in the preceding code, there s no need to fetch the entity from the Table service because you already know the PartitionKey (Shirts), and the RowKey can be extracted from the command argument of the Delete button. This optimization saves you that extra fetch. Now that we ve explored both inserting and deleting, it s time to complete the set and look at updates.
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