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Now, we can specify the players in the Decorator pattern in a UML diagram, shown in Figure 2-2. Because this is the first pattern we are describing in UML, we ll take it slowly. (The UML that we need for patterns in this book is covered in 1 and summarized in Table 1-1.) The essential players in this UML diagram are:
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Introducing conversations
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NamingStrategy implementation
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A few final pieces of code will conclude the sample project. A well-designed account seems invisible; once configured, it ll silently and seamlessly work in the background, pulling in relevant data whenever available. We ll also discuss a few advanced topics that push the limits of integration.
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Outside the IDE
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var eventsByStartDateThenDuration = from ev in events orderby ev.StartTime.Date, ev.Duration select ev;
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Cocoa Touch is the framework that you ll become most familiar with. It contains the
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Listing 5.14 a program that tests exception logging
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Effect Accessible within the method or type in which it is declared Accessible within the assembly Accessible within a class and its derived classes Accessible within a class, its derived classes, or an assembly Accessible everywhere
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Java strings versus JavaFX strings
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Table 3.2 Display templates in ASP.NET MVC 2 Description Renders a link with a mailto URL Conditionally hides the display value Renders the formatted model value Renders the raw content (uses the String template) Combines the model and formatted model value to render a link Loops through an IEnumerable and renders the template for each item Renders a check box for regular Boolean values and a drop-down list for nullable Boolean values Formats the value with two decimals of precision Renders the raw content Loops through all properties of the object and renders the display template for each property
Retrieving objects
Setting the Default Location
ServiceMethod MinimumPrefixLength
Figure 4.3 Our directory structure for unit test source code and corresponding compiled code and test results
public static final Channel2ClosedException INSTANCE; static { INSTANCE = new Channel2ClosedException(); } /** * Message for all incoming Exceptions */ private static final String MSG = "Channel 2 is not currently available for viewing"; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Constructor -------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Constructs a new instance */ private Channel2ClosedException() { super(MSG); }
Dynamic double combo
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