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Let s look briefly at what each of these methods do (table 5.1). We ll save a detailed analysis for later, when we discuss the services that each of the methods is related to. For now, you should note the array of services offered through the EJB context as well as the method patterns.
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After preparing query q, we bind the identifier value to a named parameter, fname. The result is returned as a List of User objects. HQL is powerful, and even though you may not use the advanced features all the time, you ll need them for some difficult problems. For example, HQL supports the following:
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GetMachineStoreForApplication GetMachineStoreForDomain GetMachineStoreForAssembly
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Learning Objective-C and the iPhone OS SDK
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Hibernate s built-in mapping types usually share the name of the Java type they map. However, there may be more than one Hibernate mapping type for a particular Java type. The built-in types may not be used to perform arbitrary conversions, such as mapping a VARCHAR database value to a Java Integer property value. You may define your own custom value types for this kind of conversation, as shown later in this chapter. We now discuss the basic, date and time, locator object, and various other built-in mapping types and show you what Java and SQL datatype they handle. Java primitive mapping types The basic mapping types in table 5.1 map Java primitive types (or their wrapper types) to appropriate built-in SQL standard types.
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This approach appeals to many ASP.NET developers because it grants them the ability to keep the core UI and application logic on the server. It s also attractive because of its transparency and ability to behave as a normal application if the user disables JavaScript in the browser. When you re working with controls like the GridView and Repeater in ASP.NET, the server-centric model offers the simplest and most reliable solution.
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A primary key is the identity of a given entity bean. Every entity bean must have a primary key, and it must be unique. Primary keys can map to one or more properties and must map to one of the following types: any Java primitive type (including wrappers), java.lang.String, or a primary-key class composed of primitives and/or strings. Let s first focus on simple one-property primary keys.
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We ve just developed a stylized input for our emulator; now we need a similar retrolooking output. In the original Enigma machine the encoded letters were displayed on 26 lamps, one of which would light up to display the output as a key was pressed, so that s what we ll develop next, in listing 9.4.
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If the result is a BridgeException, unwrap the cause and throw it
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Something important to understand about HTTP is that each object that is fetched from the server is a separate request. Often HTTP and HTML are confused, and people only familiar with HTML believe, erroneously, that the HTTP protocol somehow magically knows what the contents of an HTML document are. This is not the case. When an HTML document is being served to a browser, and this document contains 4 graphics files, then the browser will make 5 separate requests to the server.1 To our human eye it might look like one single page, but as far as the HTTP server is concerned, there is no link between the 5 pieces of information it just served. Consequently, your CGI programs need to deal with each of these requests separately. You can t write a program that at once delivers both the HTML document and the images referenced in that document. It will need to do so in multiple runs, the difference in output triggered by parameters, or you need to provide multiple programs. It is vitally important to understand this before attempting to write complex CGI programs.
Other event functionality
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The second part of the equation for handling asynchronous communications is setting up a reentry point in your code for picking up the results of the call once it has finished. This is generally implemented by assigning a callback function, that is, a piece of code that will be invoked when the results are ready, at some unspecified point in the future. The window.onload function that we saw in listing 2.9 is a callback function. Callback functions fit the event-driven programming approach used in most modern UI toolkits keyboard presses, mouse clicks, and so on will occur at unpredictable points in the future, too, and the programmer anticipates them by writing a function to handle them when they do occur. When coding UI events in JavaScript, we assign functions to the onkeypress, onmouseover, and similarly named properties of an object. When coding server request callbacks, we encounter similar properties called onload and onreadystatechange. Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla support the onreadystatechange callback, so we ll use that. (Mozilla also supports onload, which is a bit more straightforward, but it doesn t give us any information that onreadystatechange doesn t.) A simple callback handler is demonstrated in listing 2.10.
Process request
Just like the registered scripts in the previous section, you may also have noticed during your ASP.NET AJAX development that the ASP.NET 2.0 validator controls aren t compatible with the UpdatePanel. As a temporary fix, the ASP.NET team has released the source code for a set of compatible validator controls.
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString= "<%$ConnectionStrings:AdventureWorks_DataConnectionString1 %>" SelectCommand="SELECT [ContactID], [Title], [FirstName], [MiddleName], [LastName], [Suffix], [EmailAddress], [Phone] FROM [Person].[Contact]"> </asp:SqlDataSource> </p> </div> </form> </body> </html>
Antipatterns related to entity beans Application joins and filters Rules for building efficient primary keys
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