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WHERE u.userId IN ('viper', 'drdba', 'dumpster')
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Listing 8.27 movies.xml
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Listing 8.7 Mapping a one-to-one unidirectional relationship using @JoinColumn
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Listing 8.6
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If you read chapter 3, you should be aware that you can expose properties in JavaScript objects. Properties are nothing more than methods that act as the getter and setter for a particular value stored in an object. If you look at some of the listings in this book, you ll notice that declaring a property is expensive in terms of lines of code written. This is true especially when you use properties to expose the value of private members without performing any additional logic. This situation is shown in listing 13.7, which reports the code for a property called someProperty, declared in the prototype of a client class called someClass.
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/// <example> /// Let's say you want to lease a car for 36 moths (<c>periods</c>) /// that costs 30000 $ (<c>presentValue</c>) /// by 7.5 interest (<c>interestRate</c>) /// and 500 $ residual value (<c>finalValue</c>). /// <code>CiDotNet.Calc.Math.Finance.CalculateRate( /// 36, /// 12, /// 7.5, /// 30000, /// 500, /// Calc.Math.Finance.Mode.BeginMode)</code> /// Calculation mode for leasing is
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Listing 10.3 A sample dao.xml with JDBC settings inserted with a <properties /> element
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Under the hood of the UpdatePanel
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Example 11-19 shows that method.
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15.2.3 Sending and receiving data between peers
float moveX = acceleration.x - gravX; float moveY = acceleration.y - gravY;
You see this sequence of events represented in the output:
<class name="Event" table="events" discriminator-value="EVENT"> <id name="id" type="long"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <discriminator column="event_type" type="string" length="15"/> ... <subclass name="ConferenceEvent" discriminatorvalue="CONF_EVENT"> <property name="numberOfSeats" column="num_seats"/> ...
6.3 Designing a notification system for Ajax
Solution to Exercise 19-2. Now you ll create your own animation. Create a WPF application with a single Button control (it doesn t have to do anything). Add an animation that increases the size of the button from the standard size to 300 units wide by 200 units high, and then reverses itself. All you re doing in this exercise is creating a simple animation. Start by placing a standard Button control on the form; it doesn t matter where. Within the Button element, place a Triggers element. Remember that triggers require an action, so within the Triggers section, place a BeginStoryboard element. Inside that, place a Storyboard element, and inside the storyboard, a DoubleAnimation the Height and Width properties are of type double. From there, it s easy to define an animation that targets the Button control and changes the Height. You ll need to define a second DoubleAnimation element to change the Width property of the Button, but this animation is easy; it s nearly identical to the first. You can place both in the same storyboard. The standard size of a default Button control is 23 high 75 wide, which you could find out from the Properties window for the Button, but you don t actually need to know that. If you omit the From attribute in the animation, WPF will use the existing values as the default. The full XAML for this exercise is shown in Example A-57.
Console.WriteLine( "My documentID is {0}", ( ( Document ) theNote ).ID );
Integrating legacy databases
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