static void Main(string[] args) { HttpWebRequest hwr = CreateHttpRequest( new Uri(@" comp=list"), "GET", new TimeSpan(0, 0, 30)); Creates HTTP
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Notice that Example 7-10 uses the new keyword to initialize each object. This highlights an important point about arrays: individual array elements are similar to variables of the same type. Recall from 3 that a custom type defined with the class keyword, such as the CalendarEvent type in Example 7-9, is a reference type. This means that when you declare a variable of that type, the variable does not represent a particular object it s a storage location that can refer to an object. And the same is true of each element in an array if the element type is a reference type. Figure 7-1 shows the objects that Example 7-10 creates: five CalendarEvent objects (shown on the right), and an array
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To understand when to use interceptors, we ll first take a look at an example of poor code reuse. We ll be building an online television station, and part of the backing application is a TunerEJB. Incoming requests to get a channel will return an InputStream pointer to read in the content:
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@Resource private MessageDrivenContext context;
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The code draws a small red square in the upper-left corner of the first page.
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Our JavaScript calculation of the Fibonacci sequence is as follows:
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UIView property
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Listing 3.8 CustomerDataBean using the generic DAO
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10.2 The Ajax Control Toolkit API
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When performing your daily tasks, you ll find that Ajax gives you so many possibilities. We still have one issue with the live search that we need to address: allowing the user to bookmark the results page.
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Add parameters to our command
inputClass resultsClass
/** * Defines the contract for a bank, supporting common * account activities */ public interface BankLocalBusiness { /** * Withdraws the specified amount from the account with * the specified ID, returning the new balance. * @param amount * @throws IllegalArgumentException If the amount is not specified, the account * ID is not valid, or the amount to be withdrawn is less than 0 * @throws InsufficientBalanceException If the amount to be withdrawn is greater * than the value of {@link Account#getBalance()}. */ BigDecimal withdraw(long accountId, BigDecimal amount) throws IllegalArgumentException, InsufficientBalanceException; /** * Deposits the specified amount to the account with the * specified ID, returning the new balance. * @param amount * @throws IllegalArgumentException If the amount is not specified, the account * ID is not valid, or the amount to be deposited is less than 0 */ BigDecimal deposit(long accountId, BigDecimal amount) throws
In our case, the GlobPatternMapper implements this, but you may wish to implement FileNameMapper directly, providing an array of files that translate from the source file name. To use a custom mapper in a build file, simply specify a classname and optionally a classpath, classpathref, or a nested <classpath> element to the <mapper>: 514
Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
Before we create our Ajax XML reader, let s examine the structure of the RSS file. Knowing the structure allows us to navigate the XML DOM more efficiently to obtain the information that we want to display. The RSS document has two parts: the channel and the items. The channel gives us the information about where the RSS feed is from, and the items are the articles that we can read. The channel elements The channel can be considered to be the header information of the RSS feed. The channel elements tell the user where the RSS feed is coming from, what the title of the document is, when it was last updated, and so on. Only a few items are required by the RSS specification, as shown in table 13.1.
7.3 The Layer Supertype pattern
>%MIDPTools%\preverify -classpath %MIDPClasses%;. >%MIDPTools%\preverify -classpath %MIDPClasses%;. >%MIDPTools%\preverify -classpath %MIDPClasses%;. ObtainQuoteMIDlet RetrieveQuoteMIDlet EntryForm
Many controls have a Smart Tag, which is a small menu that provides quick access to the most common tasks for that control. In the case of selection controls, the Smart Tag lets you access the ListItem editor. The selection controls each contain a collection of ListItem objects, which you use to offer the user choices to select from. The Value property of the ListItem can be different from the Text property that you display to the user, and you can retrieve the selected value for later use. The ListItem Collection Editor makes it easy to add ListItems, but you can also add them by hand in Source view. There are three properties that let you retrieve the items that users select from a selection control: SelectedIndex gets the index of the selected item, SelectedItem gets the Text property, and SelectedValue gets the Value property. You can use these values to display the selected item in another control, or to use it in other ways. There are several ways to display dynamically generated read-only text in your page: among others, you can set the property of a Label control, you can use a read-only TextBox control, or you can set the inner HTML of an HTML element. You use an Image control to display an image or graphic. The ImageButton control displays an image, and acts like a button. An ImageMap control displays an image that has multiple areas that the user can click, each acting like a hyperlink. The Visible property of a control determines whether that control is rendered on the page. You can change the value of this property programmatically, and cause the control to appear or disappear with a postback. A HyperLink control works like an <a> tag. You can set the NavigateURL property and the text of the hyperlink separately. You can also specify if the link s target will open in a new page or a new frame with the Target property. You ve got a lot of things in your toy box now, and you can do a lot more than just the label and button from HelloWorld in 1. In fact, in this chapter you ve just seen the more common controls there are many others out there that are more specialized, such as the Calendar and AdRotator controls, and that s not even leaving the General tab of the Toolbox. Feel free to experiment with them. Now that you have a base to work from, in the next chapter we ll show you how you can use AJAX to do some clever things with the plain-vanilla controls you just learned about.
Create a context to the table
13.1 An introduction to Quartz 2D
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