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The general syntax for the range that s used in the selectPages() method looks like this:
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In the first transaction, you retrieve an Item object. The transaction then completes, but the item is still in persistent state. Hence, in the second transaction, you not only load a User object, but also update the modified persistent item when the second transaction is committed (in addition to an update for the dirty user instance). Just like in native Hibernate code with a Session, the persistence context begins with createEntityManager() and ends with close(). Closing the persistence context isn t the only way to detach an entity instance.
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package ejb3inaction.example.buslogic; ... import import import import ...
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Right-click the CalcCore project, and select Add > New Folder from the context menu. Name the folder Math. Create a class called Finance inside the folder. Did you notice that the namespace in the new program file contains the path to the file It s generally a good idea to have the path and namespace match. Using folders, you won t clutter your solution with files, and it ll be easier to manage a lot of files in the Solution Explorer window. Your Solution Explorer should look like figure 1.16.
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public static class ServletVersion extends EnumeratedAttribute { public String[] getValues() { return new String[] {"2.2", "2.3"}; } } }
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var total=0; for (var i=0;i<fibonacci(count);i++){ total+=i; }
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} catch (MalformedURLException e) { // log and or handle } if (url != null) { Open connection using try { HttpURLConnection HttpURLConnection urlConn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(
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23: Web Development
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The above bullet points are paraphrased from a presentation given by Grant Ingersoll at ApacheCon 2007. Although this information is quite similar to that given on the TREC website, we want to make sure to recognize him.
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make sure your strategy can add new shards over time. A sharding strategy based on a business property can meet these constraints. A new value will be indexed in a new (or existing) shard, but existing values still point to their respective existing shard. This is important because it doesn t require that you reindex everything when a new shard is added. The default hash implementation doesn t satisfy this criteria and requires complete reindexing when new shards are added. When you need to add a new shard, you must change the configuration (see listing 9.15) and build a new SessionFactory or EntityManagerFactory to ensure the new properties are used. It s possible to avoid this explicit change and reloading by creating enough shards to absorb the load and by using a sharding strategy that s both stable for existing values and able to transparently compute a shard id for new values. Listing 9.16 is an example of such a strategy.
document=xdoclet.doc.DocumentDocletTask xdoclet=xdoclet.DocletTask
my %attribs = ( left right top line_space font font_size color align text );
Checking the weather with a custom URI
Users will need to enter their information to authenticate with their accounts. Different accounts may have differing requirements; for example, some may require the use of a key phrase, selecting a picture, or entering a soft crypto token. Because Android can t provide a generic UI to cover all possible types of authentication, each account must implement an activity that extends AccountAuthenticatorActivity to present the user with a login screen and handle the results. You ll see examples of all three components in section 15.5.
To authenticate the user, you have to read the values from the form and call the authentication service for validation. Listing 5.22 shows the client-side script that makes this possible.
With annotations, the equivalent mappings are as follows:
For i As Integer = 0 To books.GetLength(0) - 1
By the way, you can thank Brian s ninth-grade typing teacher for that second string; it s another sentence that uses every letter in the alphabet. Solution to Exercise 3-3. Write a new program to declare a constant double. Call the constant Pi, set its value to 3.14159, and output its value to the screen. Then change the value of Pi to 3.1 and output its value again. What happens when you try to compile this program This program is even simpler than the previous one. All you have to do is remember to use the keyword const when you declare the constant. Example A-4 shows the code.
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