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Name="PresPhotoListBox" Margin="0,0,0,20" SelectionChanged="PresPhotoListBox_SelectionChanged" ItemsSource="{Binding }" IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True" SelectedIndex="0" ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource SpecialListItem}" >
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<set name="events" table="event_attendees"> <key column="attendee_id"/> <many-to-many class="Event"/> </set>
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We ll be looking at code snippets soon, but first let s tour the project from a high level, discussing the purpose of each significant file in the project. Figure 17.10 shows the project in the Eclipse IDE, and table 17.2 provides a brief comment for each file.
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We added an additional argument to the constructor of the AccountSimpleImpl class that denotes the customer to whom the account belongs; we store the argument in an instance variable. The class implements the getCustomer() method that is specified in the base interface that returns this stored instance. Note that we have marked this class as abstract to force developers to instantiate objects of its concrete subclasses according to the type of account. The classes SavingsAccountSimpleImpl and CheckingAccountSimpleImpl extend the AccountSimpleImpl class and implement the tagging interfaces SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount to model savings and checking accounts, respectively. These classes, in listings 12.7 and 12.8, besides providing implementation for the toString() method, do not add any special behavior and as such serve as placeholders.
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XML and its uses
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/** * Shows usage of an entity which gets its identity via an * {@link EmbeddedId} - {@link EmployeeWithEmbeddedPK} * @throws Throwable */ @Test public void embeddedCompositePrimaryKey() throws Throwable { try { txWrapper.wrapInTx(new Callable<Void>() { @Override public Void call() throws Exception { // Define the values to compose a primary key identity final String lastName = "Rubinger"; final Long ssn = 100L; // Not real ;) // Create a new Employee which uses an Embedded PK Class final EmployeeWithEmbeddedPK employee = new EmployeeWithEmbeddedPK final EmbeddedEmployeePK pk = new EmbeddedEmployeePK(); pk.setLastName(lastName); pk.setSsn(ssn); employee.setId(pk); // Persist final EntityManager em = emHook.getEntityManager(); em.persist(employee);"Persisted: " + employee);
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Web services Web services are complex applications that can be accessed using standard Internet protocols, and that can provide services such as current stock quotes, ISBN-to-title conversions, and so forth that other applications can use. Web services are an advanced topic, and we won t cover them in this book. This book will focus primarily on the basics of the C# language, using simple console applications for most of the examples, to illustrate language fundamentals.
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Figure 12.6 Cactus unit tests run server-side, using a proxy servlet to bind them to the Ant-hosted tests.
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The ChangeView() b function has two major roles. The first is to build the HTML to display our data obtained from the RSS feeds. The second role is to prepare our divs for the fading in. Building the HTML is simple since we are using a basic layout. The hardest part is making sure that we keep track of quotes and apostrophes so we do not encounter any errors. The first line of text we want to display is the RSS channel s title c, which we stored in the first index of the array, arrayMessage. We need to surround the title with a span and assign a CSS class name of RSSFeed. The next step is to display the item element s title d by referencing the second index of the array. By surrounding the title with a span and assigning a CSS class of itemTitle to the span, we are able to apply a separate style to our titles. To allow for a separation between the title and the message body, a horizontal rule is inserted. The item description e was stored in the fourth index of the arrayMessage. We divide the description from our next section, which holds the last item element we collected. The last item is the link f; we assign the value of the URL element to the link s HREF attribute. The text that is visible to the user is View Page, which the user is able to click. The link sends the user to the RSS feed s website. We want to update the current message display counter that we built into our RSS header. To do this, we alter the innerHTML g of our span spanCount by using the arrayMessage length and our current message counter. We need to prepare the divs h for the transition effect. We initialize the div by setting the zIndex so it is on top of the current one and set the class to our first CSS rule for opacity. After we load the current message into our div, we start the process of fading the div into view. To do this, we need to create a function that loads the CSS classes in order; therefore, we call the function SetClass()i.
As you can see, deleting a BLOB is pretty simple. Now you can list, upload, and delete BLOBs from your storage account using your ASP.NET management website hosted in your Windows Azure web role. Let s complete the management page example by looking at how you can download BLOBs.
How the query is executed (list(), iterate(), or scroll()) Whether or not projection is used (see section 6.5) Some characteristics of your identifier Whether or not the fetching strategy is overridden Potential additional factors
beahome classpath delay password url user <classpath> The location of the BEA Home; implicitly selects WebLogic 6.0 shutdown; optional. [File] The classpath to be used with the Java Virtual Machine that runs the WebLogic Shutdown command;. [Path] Delay (in seconds) before shutting down the server; optional. [String] The password for the account specified in the user parameter; required. [String] URL to which the WebLogic server is listening for T3 connections; required. [String] The username of the account that will be used to shut down the server; required. [String] The classpath to be used with the Java Virtual Machine that runs the WebLogic Shutdown command. [Path]
17.4.2 Creating the registration page
The term Web Services, with capital letters, generally refer to systems using SOAP as transport. The broader term web services (in lower case), encompasses any remote data exchange system that runs over HTTP, with no constraints on using SOAP or even XML. XML-RPC, JSON-RPC and any custom system that you develop using the XMLHttpRequest object are web services, but not Web Services. We are talking about the broader category of web services in this section.
PdfName._3D For 3D objects PdfName.FLASH For Flash objects PdfName.SOUND For sound objects PdfName.VIDEO For video objects
3.2 Creating EJB 2.0 container-managed persistence
%b the file size in bytes %d the directory that contains the image %e the file name extension of the image %f the file name of the image %w the image width %h the image height %m the image format (the value of the Magick attribute) %s the scene number of the image %t the file name of the image, without extension.
Specifies how cascading operations should be handled from parent to child. Specifies that a unique constraint should be enforced. Specifies that a not-null constraint should be enforced.
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