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Figure 8.18 NDepend completely integrates with Visual Studio and comes with a handy Visual NDepend tool in which you can configure the project you ll use on the CI server.
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Figure 17.1 The core JNI build process combines Java and C++ build processes.
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18.6.1 The thermostat
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Event e = new Event(); e.setId(id); this.delete(e); } public Event get(Long id) throws ServiceLayerException { return new EventDao().find(id); } }
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Introducing JBoss Seam
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If you want to write programs using acceleration gestures, we suggest that you download the Accelerometer Graph program available from Apple s developer site. This is a nice, simple example of accelerometer use, but, more importantly, it also provides you with a clear display of what the accelerometers report as you make different gestures. Make sure you enable the high-pass filter to get the clearest results.
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The plain view controller is simple to embed inside your program. By why would you want to use a view controller That s going to be one of the topics we ll cover here. Now, we ll look at how view controllers fit into the view hierarchy, how you create them, how you expand them, and how you make active use of them. Let s get started with the most basic anatomical look at the view controller.
CGColorSpace, CGGradient, and CGContext functions for drawing gradients
Generic Stacks
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Listing 4.17
We re going to need to add a test file that differs only in the content. In CreateTest Files add another filename that doesn t change as we go round the loop:
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