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Using this technique to process a large set of records would be very expensive in terms of memory there would be a list of objects in memory, as well as the string buffer used to build the XML document. In section 6.3, we revisit this example as we look at more effective ways to manage larger results.
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The first thing we do in our initial HttpClient example is create a Handler that we can send messages to from other threads. This technique is the same one we ve used in previous examples; it allows background tasks to send Message objects to hook back into the main UI thread B. After we create an Android Handler, we create an Apache ResponseHandler C. This class can be used with HttpClient HTTP requests to pass in as a callback point. When an HTTP request that s fired by HttpClient completes, it calls the onResponse method if a ResponseHandler is used. When the response comes in, we get the payload using the HttpEntity the API returns D. This in effect allows the HTTP call to be made in an asynchronous manner we don t have to block and wait the entire time between when the request is fired and when it completes. The relationship of the request, response, Handler, ResponseHandler, and separate threads is diagrammed in figure 6.3. Now that you ve seen HttpClient at work and understand the basic approach, the next thing we ll do is encapsulate a few of the details into a convenient helper class so that we can call it over and over without having to repeat a lot of the setup.
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You ll find these advanced features useful in moderate-sized, real-life applications. The only two features common to session and MDBs that we did not cover in this chapter are transaction and security management. You ll learn more about these features in the next chapter.
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<write >ps -ef | grep java > javapps.txt </write> <write echo="false">${admin.password}</write>
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org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.DELETE 521 org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.DELETE_ ORPHAN 522 org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.EVICT 521 org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.LOCK 521 org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.REPLICATE 521 org.hibernate.annotations. CascadeType.SAVE_ UPDATE 521 org.hibernate.cache.CacheConcurrencyStrategy 600 org.hibernate.cache.CacheProvider 601 org.hibernate.cache.QueryCache 692 org.hibernate.cache.UpdateTimestampsCache 692 org.hibernate.CacheMode 623 org.hibernate.criterion package 683 org.hibernate.Dialect 640, 642 org.hibernate.flushmode 729 org.hibernate.FlushMode. MANUAL 504 org.hibernate.Interceptor 541, 546, 556 org.hibernate.transform.ResultTransformer 674 675 org.jboss.cache 610 ORM. See object/relational mapping orm.xml 129 orphan delete 273 orphaned objects, deleting 529 OSCache 601 outer-join fetching 568, 578 OutOfMemoryException 414 P package metadata 134 names 174 71, 134 pages binding to stateful Seam components 767
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We chose the United States and Great Britain as the locales for this example to avoid the requirement of a second language on your part. In the remainder of this chapter, we create and recreate these four pages using a variety of techniques. In section 5.2, we use only the capabilities of J2EE and see where they fail us. In sections 5.3 and 5.4, we bring XML technology to the rescue and create a unified interface for this page that supports multiple device types and locales.
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Figure 2.4 To make an otherwise overwhelming process manageable, the ActionBazaar ordering process is broken down into several steps. The first of these steps is to add one or more item to the order. The second step is to specify shipping information for the order. The third is to specify the billing information. Reviewing and confirming the order finishes the ordering process.
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/** * Represents a school holding doors which may be * opened by various users. Using the EJB Security model, * access to open a particular door may be blocked * to certain users. * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ public interface SecureSchoolLocalBusiness { /** * Closes the school for business. At this point the * front door will be unlocked for all. * This method may only be called by users in role * {@link Roles#ADMIN}. */ void open(); /** * Closes the school for business. At this point the * front door will be locked for all but users * in role {@link Roles#ADMIN} * This method may only be called by admins. */ void close(); /** * Opens the front door. While school is open,
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Antipatterns in this chapter decode pdf417 pdf
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The data type of mult2 is not exactly the same as mult1 s data type, but they both generate the same answer from the same x and y values. When you use mult1, it calculates the product of x and y and returns it. When you use mult2, it first runs the Function(x As Integer) part, which returns another lambda calculated by passing the value of x into its definition. If you pass in 5 as the value for x, the returned lambda is:
Flowing Text from the Font
of XML data in your applications increases. Detailed information on XML Schema can be found at http:/ / Before leaving the topic of document validation, we note that some parsers do not offer any validation at all, and others only support the DTD approach. Document validation is invaluable during development and testing, but is often turned off in production to enhance system performance. Using validation is also critical when sharing data between enterprises, to ensure both parties are sending and receiving data in a valid format.
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You want to ensure that a message in a queue is processed only after any previous message has finished processing.
Accessing web services from J2EE is similar to other types of systems integration tasks with one extra step. That step has to do with locating the web service in a registry before connecting to it. This can be done directly via APIs such as pUDDIng or (in the future) JAXR. It is also likely that J2EE connectors will soon be built to make this service discovery process transparent to the application developer. You may, for instance, obtain a web service connection factory via JNDI in your code and configure it externally, similar to JMS Destinations, JDBC data sources, and other resources in J2EE. Many of the design patterns discussed in chapter 2 can be useful in terms of web service interaction from an EJB container. You might use the Business Delegate pattern to encapsulate the complexities of making a SOAP RPC call. This delegate might use a combination of JAXM and JAXR to locate a web service, build a SOAP message, and make an RPC call to a web service. Such an implementation would be similar to the Business Delegate we created in listing 4.4. In cases where you need to model a set of web service operations as an internal application entity, you might also consider using the Aggregate Entity or Data Access Object patterns with web service-aware helper classes.
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