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The background content: [ rectangle Rectangle { width:400; height:400; fill: Color.LIGHTCYAN; onMouseMoved: function(ev:MouseEvent) { def t:Long = System.currentTimeMillis(); if((t-lastDropTime) > 200) { drops[currentDrop] Mouse event .start(ev.x,ev.y); handler currentDrop = (currentDrop+1) mod numDrops; lastDropTime=t; } } } , drops = for(i in [0..<numDrops]) { RainDrop {}; } ] width: 400; Stage height: 400; dimensions
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Figure 7.15 An advertisement that can be clicked away, added to an existing document
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<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" />
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The remainder of this section further breaks down the details involved in migrating session beans from EJB 2 to EJB 3.
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As you model more of your data with entity beans, you will start to model certain data relationships as well. For example, owner entity data can be related to a set of portfolio entity data. With the EJB 2.0 specification release, entity beans can now handle one-to-many data relationships. Creating entity relationships lets you model table joins in the database and avoid implementing code to create and manage the relationships.
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// Now try some other operation, and ensure that we get a NoSuchEJBException boolean gotExpectedException = false; try { // This should not succeed, because we've called a method marked as @Remove sfsb.pwd(); } catch (final NoSuchEJBException nsee) { gotExpectedException = true; } TestCase.assertTrue("Call to end the session did not result in underlying removal of the SFSB bean instance", gotExpectedException); }
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package banking; import org.aspectj.lang.*; import; import; import logging.*; public aspect AuthLogging extends IndentedLogging {
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One of the major disadvantages of this approach is that you need to pass a path to a font program. I m working on Windows XP and Vista, and I know that the font arial.tff is present in the directory c:/windows/fonts/. But this code won t work if you try to run it on a Mac or a Linux machine. You may need to look for the font in the directory /Library/Fonts/ or /usr/share/X11/fonts/. It would be nice if there were a more generic way to select fonts to make your code platform-independent. The FontFactory class can help you.
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When you learned how to add lines, shapes, and text at absolute positions in chapter 3, you assumed that the origin of the coordinate system coincided with the lowerleft corner of the page. This assumption is correct as long as the media box is defined with (0,0) as the coordinate for its lower-left corner, but that s not mandatory. It s perfectly OK for an application to create a media box with a different origin. It might be interesting to have the origin of the coordinate system in the upperleft corner of the page. Or you could place the origin in the middle of a page, so that you can distinguish four quadrants for your drawing operations. That s what I did when I created my Superman poster in PDF.
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Example: Novice Photo Library
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Adjust the logger level. Construct your messages economically. Use formatting with caution. Use a fast appender layout class.
cleanbuilddir command error output removesource removespec specfile topdir Flag (optional, default=false) to remove the generated files in the BUILD directory. [Boolean] What command to issue to the rpm tool; optional. [String] Optional file to save stderr to. [File] Optional file to save stdout to. [File] Flag (optional, default=false) to remove the sources after the build. [Boolean] Flag (optional, default=false) to remove the spec file from SPECS. [Boolean] The name of the spec File to use; required. [String] The directory which will have the expected subdirectories, SPECS, SOURCES, BUILD, SRPMS ; optional. [File]
chapter. After you ve done that, choosing File > New Project gets you started. You re immediately asked to select a template for your new project. The template you choose will fill your project with default frameworks, default files, default objects, and even default code. As you ll see, it ll be a great help in jumpstarting your own coding. For your first program, go with the simplest template you can find: Window-Based Application. After you select a template, you also need to name your project and choose where to save it; but when you ve done that, you re ready to start coding. Before we get there, let s take a closer look at how the Xcode environment works.
flicker. That is quite a mouthful and we will cover this in much more detail later in the book. User controls and custom controls Controls created by the developer or third parties (that is, not Microsoft). This topic is beyond what we ll cover in this book, but for a full discussion of creating these user-defined controls please see our more advanced text, Programming ASP.NET, also published by O Reilly. The heart of ASP.NET programming is the ASP.NET server control. With the exception of tables, the use of the vast majority of traditional HTML controls is replaced by their equivalent ASP.NET control both for convenience and flexibility. Thus rather than using a traditional HTML input control, you will use instead an ASP. NET TextBox control. Not only will this allow the TextBox to run server-side code, but it is easier to use, being more intuitive and consistent.
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