With classes, properties, and namespaces, writing object-oriented code in JavaScript is becoming similar to writing code in languages such as C# and VB.NET. Now, we re ready to explore one of the main features of object-oriented languages: inheritance.
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The code first opens the Session instance and loads an Event instance with a given ID. Next, it determines whether the object is contained in the Session cache and evicts the object if necessary. The code then creates a second Event instance with the same ID and successfully saves the second Event instance. If you simply want to clear all the objects from the Session cache, you can call the aptly named Session.clear() method. So far, we ve covered the basics of Hibernate configuration and use. Now we ll address some of the advanced configuration options that come into play when you deploy Hibernate in an application server.
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Figure 14.1 Process of creating a Java application for use by a virtual machine. First the source code is created and placed in a file with a .java extension. Next the java compiler is used to transform the Java syntax into the executable byte codes used by the virtual machine at runtime. Byte codes are stored in a file with a .class extension. At runtime, the virtual machine reads the contents of the class file and translates the byte code instructions appropriately for the current platform.
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Understanding the search techniques
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(Just to prove that you do get values bigger than 0xFF in Unicode!)
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The main thread happens not to get to run immediately after the other thread calls GoNow. (Or at least, if it did run, it didn t run for long enough to print out its Wait over message the other thread got in there first with its Notified message.) You might see slightly different results each time you run. Even though we can impose a little bit of order there s still going to be quite a lot of unpredictability in the exact order of events. As you design multithreaded code, it s important to be very clear about how much order you are imposing with locking and notifications in this case, we are guaranteeing that our main thread cannot possibly get to the line that prints out Wait over before the second thread has reached the line that calls GoNow, but that s the only constraint the progress of the two threads could still be interleaved in numerous different ways. You should never assume that the detailed order of events you observe in practice will necessarily always happen. While the Monitor class and the C# lock keyword are the most widely used synchronization mechanisms, there are some alternatives.
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Before linking the application into a PRC file, the QuoteService class must be compiled. If you already entered the code during the MIDP implementation, simply copy the file (the file) to the \Jbed\Java\Palm directory and open the file in the Jbed IDE. If this file has not been entered, open a new file from within Jbed and enter the code as it was provided in chapter 7. To compile the Quote Service, with the .java file open and selected in the IDE, select the Java menu bar option and select Compile (or press Ctrl+L). Make certain the file is also compiled and then link the entire application by selecting Jbed and then Link (or press Ctrl+Q). The KJava implementation of the tutorial application, complete with access to the same external quote service, is now available for testing on the POSE and eventual deployment to a Palm OS device. REVISITING THE CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET 277
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Map m = new HashMap(); m.put("name", "Dynamic Event"); m.put("startDate", new java.util.Date()); m.put("location", myLocation); m.put("type", "Event"); Session s = factory.openSession();; s.connection().commit(); s.flush();
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Reset the database content to a well-known state. The easiest way to do this is through an automatic export of a database schema with the Hibernate toolset. You then start testing with an empty, clean database. Create any base data for the test by importing the data into the database. This can be done in various ways, such as programmatically in Java code or with tools such as DBUnit ( Create objects, and execute whatever state transition you want to test, such as saving or loading an object by calling your DAOs in a TestNG test method. Assert the state after a transition by checking the objects in Java code and/ or by executing SQL statements and verifying the state of the database.
The Update method This brings us to the Update method of the UpdatePanel. With the Update method, you can force the contents of an UpdatePanel to render during an asynchronous postback. This includes other UpdatePanel controls on the page, as well, but these panels must have their UpdateMode property set to Conditional in order to successfully update. Listing 6.12 demonstrates an event raised from one UpdatePanel updating itself and other panels on the page.
When the aloof user clicks the button, the form is submitted. Not even the AuthorizeAttribute can save us now; we re already logged in! Figure 11.7 shows the result.
Sets alignment Sets border
Describes the messaging type for this bean
public class User { private String firstname; ...
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