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2.2 Adding and customizing the JNDI name for the home interface
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although ideally the order of tests should not be relevant as each should be able to stand alone. Here is an example of a test suite:
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public JDBCLogger (String url, String username, String password) throws SQLException Obtain a connection and set up a prepared statement { conn = DriverManager.getConnection (url, username, password); ps = conn.prepareStatement ("INSERT INTO LogEntry (log_entry_id, severity, message) " + "VALUES ( , , )"); } public void logMessage (int severity, String message) throws SQLException
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Listing 3.29
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click <a href="javascript: window.history.go(-1);">here</a> to return to the page that you were just at, or click <a href="Default.aspx">here</a> to go our Home Page. </p> </body> </html>
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Lastly, when the application disconnects from the robot (when you either click the Disconnect button or power off the robot), the application detects the Disconnected condition and calls handleDisconnect, and the UI is updated, as shown in figure 14.10.
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Example 8-4. Command pattern theory code multireceiver version (continued)
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Element/Attribute Name cascade fetch mapped-by join-column join-table order-by map-key
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Looking at table 13.3 we can see that there are definitely some things that we should be aware of. Best-case memory usage for the document was the Crimson parser, and it required memory with a ratio of 1230/197, or 6.24/1! That s more than six times the size of the document. Worst-case usage required 2500/197, or 12.7/1. That s more than double the best-case usage. What can we conclude from this Well, today memory is cheap, but depending on the size of your XML documents, if you use DOM you re going to need a lot of it. The authors realize that this test data is a little dated since the tests were performed in 2002, and the DOM parsers have probably, over time, gotten better at their resource utilization, but we can guarantee that they have not gotten that much better! Hopefully, this discussion of the pros and cons has shed some light on the different parsers and will help you with your decisions, but we believe that you should consider becoming familiar with both. This will also help you decide which one to use under which circumstances. This chapter has shown that if you have a problem and are in need of a solution, in all probability someone else has had that same problem. It s like that old adage, No matter how good you are, there is always someone better. Only in this case it is more like, No matter what the problem is, someone has probably already solved it. Don t just start writing code; look around. With today s search engine capabilities, it s hard to believe someone when he says, I couldn t find anything on it.
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a ComponentLocator
string myString = "Indexing"; myString[2] = 'f'; // Will fail to compile
String orderId = mapMessage.getString("Order ID"); String productId = mapMessage.getString("Product ID"); int quantity = mapMessage.getInt("Quantity"); double price = mapMessage.getDouble("Price");
Working with the ColumnText object
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