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Antipattern: EJB Code Duplication
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A brief overview of MVC Session management in the web environment Web frameworks and Hibernate
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Another important concern exists, which is the issue of document relevancy. The problem with relevance is that it is subjective. To counteract this, the somewhat measurable quantities Precision and Recall have been instituted, and to improve the ratio between these two quantities the concept of relevance feedback has been introduced. Relevance feedback utilizes several of the top-scoring results of a query to generate additional queries and thereby over several iterations improve the results. An aid to the process of improving relevance by utilizing relevance feedback principles is the MoreLikeThis class provided in the Lucene contributions. By changing various parameters of this class, it is possible to obtain additional documents related to a sample document. In the next chapter we re going to look at a range of seemingly unrelated topics. The Lucene website maintains two separate repositories of code donated by developers, Contributions and the Lucene Sandbox. The Contributions repository contains unsupported code for your use, and the Sandbox contains supported code from the Lucene committers. We ll examine some of the available software in each of these repositories in turn.
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Topology of the JMS-based master/slave example
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The configuration file in listing A.1 is used to configure an instance of SqlMapper, the class that you ll be using to work with your mapped statements. The SqlMapper instance is created by a factory class called DomSqlMapBuilder, which reads through the XML configuration file to build the SqlMapper. The following is an example of what this configuration looks like:
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Introducing actions
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The good news about SQL development is that you can do it; the bad news is that the tools are limited compared to other SQL environments you re accustomed to in the desktop world. Fortunately, you can leverage the WebKit desktop browser, and its built-in development tools aid in your database work. The Web Inspector4 and Error Console found beneath the Develop menu in WebKit on the desktop provide helpful tools. When you re working with JavaScript, one of the challenges is that code tends to die silently. This can happen because something is misspelled or a function doesn t get properly defined thanks to a parsing error. When working in Eclipse with an Android SDK application, this kind of problem doesn t occur at runtime because the compiler tells you long before the application ever runs. With WebKit you can leverage the Error Console, which provides helpful pointers to parsing problems in JavaScript code. This is one of those don t leave home without it kind of tools. When you re working explicitly with a SQL database, the Web Inspector provides a helpful database tool that permits you to peer into the database and browse each of the defined tables. Although this tool isn t nearly as powerful as tools for commercial databases, there s something particularly reassuring about seeing your data in the table. Figure 16.9 shows a row in our versions table along with the web application running within the WebKit desktop browser. The ability to move between the powerful WebKit desktop environment and the Android-based browser is a tremendous advantage to the Android developer looking to create a mobile web application. As you ve seen, the ability to store and manage relational data in a persistent fashion directly in the browser opens up new possibilities for application creation, deployment, and life-cycle management. Storing data locally is a tremendous capability, but there may be times when you simply need more raw power and flexibility and that calls for an SDK-based application. How do you get the best that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have to offer but still go deeper The answer is to build a hybrid application, which we cover next.
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Table 14-3. Queue methods and properties (continued) Method or property
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Place the first attribute of an XML element on the same line as the start element tag, and place subsequent attributes on new lines indented to the same level as the first attribute.
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Table 9.1 XML mapping attributes for hbm2ddl Value string Description Usable in most mapping elements; declares the name of the SQL column. hbm2ddl (and Hibernate s core) defaults to the name of the Java property) if the column attribute is omitted and no nested <column> element is present. This behavior may be changed by implementing a custom NamingStrategy; see the section Naming conventions in chapter 3. Forces the generation of a NOT NULL column constraint. Available as an attribute on most mapping elements and also on the dedicated <column> element. Forces the generation of a single-column UNIQUE constraint. Available for various mapping elements. Can be used to define a "length" of a datatype. For example, length="4000" for a string mapped property generates a VARCHAR(4000) column. This attribute is also used to define the precision of decimal types. Defines the name of a database index that can be shared by multiple elements. An index on a single column is also possible. Only available with the <column> element. Enables unique constraints involving multiple database columns. All elements using this attribute must share the same constraint name to be part of a single constraint definition. This is a <column> element-only attribute. Overrides hbm2ddl s automatic detection of the SQL datatype; useful for database specific data types. Be aware that this effectively prevents database independence: hbm2ddl will automatically generate a VARCHAR or VARCHAR2 (for Oracle), but it will always use a declared SQL-type instead, if present. This attribute can only be used with the dedicated <column> element. Names a foreign-key constraint, available for <many-to-one>, <one-to-one>, <key>, and <many-to-many> mapping elements. Note that inverse="true" sides of an association mapping won t be considered for foreign key naming, only the noninverse side. If no names are provided, Hibernate generates unique random names.
Figure 7.3 Luke s interpretation of a query for evans sutherland showing that the - (dash) doesn t always behave as you d expect and can sometimes be misinterpreted as the (NOT) operator.
select, i.description, i.initialPrice from Item i where i.endDate > current_date()
anRMS.addRecord(b, 8, 6); anRMS.addRecord(b, 5, 2); RecordComparator rc = new TestComparator(); byte[] r1 = anRMS.getRecord(1); byte[] r2 = anRMS.getRecord(2); System.out.println("Comparator found --> " +,r2));
The GoTo statement lets you jump immediately to some other location within the current procedure. The destination of a jump is always a line label, a named line position in the current procedure. All line labels appear at the start of a logical line, and end with a colon.
Document content Requestor Callback function Server
public class User { ... public boolean equals(Object other) { if (this==other) return true; if ( !(other instanceof User) ) return false; final User that = (User) other; if ( !this.getUsername().equals( that.getUsername() ) return false; if ( !this.getPassword().equals( that.getPassword() ) return false; return true; } public int hashCode() { int result = 14; result = 29 * result + getUsername().hashCode(); result = 29 * result + getPassword().hashCode(); return result; } }
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 8, Snippet Item 6.
Using the Android emulator
$new_image = $im->Montage(background bordercolor borderwidth compose filename fill font frame geometry gravity label mattecolor mode stroke pointsize shadow texture tile title transparent => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => => color, color, integer, operator, file name, color, font, geometry, geometry, gravity, string, color, frame option, color, integer, boolean, file name, geometry, string, color)
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