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Introducing the iPhone and iPad
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This will prepare data sources and JMS resources necessary for the database. The output of the Ant task is shown in figure E.12. If you re using another database, such as Oracle XE, then you can configure the Java EE SDK (or reference implementation) server by typing
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2.2.2 Callback interfaces
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Session session = ...; FullTextSession fts =;
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Listing 6.2 Using the N+1 Selects solution
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First steps with Ajax
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Figure 10.1 Clicking iPhone SDK will start your installation.
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The Message property provides information about the exception, such as why it was thrown. The Message property is read-only; the code throwing the exception can pass in the message as an argument to the exception constructor, but the Message property cannot be modified by any method once set in the constructor. The HelpLink property provides a link to a help file associated with the exception. This property is read/write. In Example 16-6, the Exception.HelpLink property is set and retrieved to provide information to the user about the DivideByZeroException. It is generally a good idea to provide a help file link for any exceptions you create so that the user can learn how to correct the exceptional circumstance. The read-only StackTrace property is set by the CLR. This property is used to provide a stack trace for the error statement. A stack trace is used to display the call stack: the series of method calls that lead to the method in which the exception was thrown. how to read barcode code39
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WebZones register themselves with the WebPartManager by making a call to RegisterZone on the current WebPartManager for the page. All static WebParts are loaded via the WebPartZoneBase making a call to GetInitialWebParts.
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Remember that one-to-many association mappings don t need to declare a table name. Hibernate already knows that the column names in the collection mapping (in this case, only CATEGORY_ID) belong to the ITEM table. The table structure is shown in figure 6.12. The other side of the association, the Item class, has no mapping reference to Category. We can now also use an indexed collection in the Category for example, after we change the items property to List:
v4.0.20506\MSBuild.exe </executable> <projectFile>Framework.sln</projectFile> <buildArgs> /p:Configuration=Release /verbosity:minimal </buildArgs> <logger> C:\[Program Files]\CruiseControl.NET\server\ ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.MSBuild.dll</logger> </msbuild> </tasks> </project>
Brightening your document with color and images
Creating a new category Suppose you create a new Category, as a child category of Computer; see figure 12.3. You have several ways to create this new Laptops object and save it in the database. You can go back to the database and retrieve the Computer category to which the new Laptops category will belong, add the new category, and commit the transaction:
Writing Hibernate applications
< xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE project [ <!ENTITY properties SYSTEM "file:../properties.xml"> ]> <project name="AntBook - Common" default="default" basedir=".">
How many joins are required to express this in SQL Even if you get the answer right, we bet it takes you more than a few seconds. The answer is three; the generated SQL looks something like this:
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