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JavaScript for object-oriented programmers
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The Model Isn t Everything
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With component configurability and defaults squared away, let s turn our attention back to the constructor for a moment and recall these two unassuming lines of code:
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select U.LAST_NAME, count(U.USER_ID) from USER U group by U.LAST_NAME
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14.3.4 Affine transformations using Java
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Understanding Azure s shared storage mechanism
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You ll notice that ReadLine( ) accepts only a string, which can be a problem if you want your user to enter a number that you want to calculate with. C# will happily accept the number, but as a string, and you ll quickly find that C# doesn t implicitly convert from string to int, for example. So, this won t work:
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Listing 6.1 Mapping a complex collection
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EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("actionBazaar");
This is exactly the sort of problem you ll run into if you attempt to treat C# as a dynamic programming language the underlying issue here is that dynamic was designed to solve specific interop problems. It does that job very well, but C# as a whole is not really at home in the dynamic style. So it s not a good idea to attempt to make heavy use of that style in your C# code.
Expressing the rules Usually this step involves writing a separate file with rules written in a language understood by the engine. Some engines may also support programmatic construction of the rules. Expressing the facts These facts pertain to the state of the business objects under consideration. For example, in a banking application, facts would include accounts in a current transaction and the withdrawal amount. Evaluating the rules Once the engine is loaded with rules and facts, firing the engine causes the actual evaluation, which ultimately triggers the
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2: Introducing Visual Basic
Using JUnit, you start by extending the basic junit.framework.TestCase class. Typically, for every class you test, you create at least one TestCase. Here, for the Event class, create a TestEvent. It helps to follow a consistent naming convention, so for a Class X, you create a TestX or XTest. JUnit works on the basis of assertions. Each test runs a method, given a set of inputs, and verifies that the methods return the expected values. If an assertion fails, it throws an exception, which JUnit collects for you, and generates a report. Listing 10.1 shows the file you should create now. Listing 10.1, the JUnit test for Event
You can also create a java.awt.Image of the barcode using the createAwtImage() method. This method expects two colors of type java.awt.Color (as opposed to com.itextpdf.text.BaseColor). The first one represents the color of the bars; the second one defines the background color. No text is added to these barcodes. The subclasses of the Barcode class have a lot of properties in common that can be set with methods in the abstract superclass. Table 10.4 presents an overview showing the default value for each property.
B Since the default is the current month and year, in the constructor you
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