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public class NameFormatter : BaseFormatter<Name> { protected override string FormatValueCore(Name value) { var sb = new StringBuilder(); if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(value.First)) { sb.Append(value.First); } if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(value.Middle)) { sb.Append(" " + value.Middle); } if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(value.Last)) { sb.Append(" " + value.Last); } if (value.Suffix != null) { sb.Append(", " + value.Suffix.DisplayName); } return sb.ToString(); } }
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We must be very careful when determining to whom we grant access within the Secure SchoolEJB. As a first step, let s define the roles that are permitted:
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object rawValue = session[key]; string attemptedValue = session[key].ToString(); _values[key] = new ValueProviderResult( rawValue, attemptedValue, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture); } } }
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However, if you use this code in the EJB module, the local persistence unit will be accessed because the local persistence unit has precedence. If you want to access the persistence unit defined at the EAR level, you have to reference it with the specific name as follows:
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You are now ready to start deploying the examples for each chapter. Each chapter example is packaged into a separate application. To deploy an example application, move into the directory for the chapter and run the Ant task. For example, to deploy the application for chapter 1, run
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Custom programmatic properties override any property you ve set in the persistence.xml configuration file. Try to run the ported HelloWorld code with a fresh database. You should see the exact same log output on your screen as you did with native Hibernate the JPA persistence provider engine is Hibernate. Automatic detection of metadata We promised earlier that you won t have to list all your annotated classes or XML mapping files in the configuration, but it s still there, in hibernate.cfg.xml. Let s enable the autodetection feature of JPA. Run the Hello World application again after switching to DEBUG logging for the org.hibernate package. Some additional lines should appear in your log:
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13.1.3 Understanding proxies
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There are four ways to improve the log4j performance:
POX Putting it together with HTTP and XML
Animal =Pig
Property overview Ant s property handling mechanism allows for build file extensibility and reusability by parameterizing any string-specified item. The control users get over build files can be dramatically increased with the techniques shown in this chapter. For example,
Example 15-9 begins by creating a string, s1, identical to the string used in Example 15-8:
There are two useful environment variables that the Ant wrapper scripts use when invoking Ant: ANT_OPTS and ANT_ARGS. Neither of these is typically set by users, but each can provide value for certain situations.
Listing 8.4 shows the code within our custom personalization provider which ensures that the personalization data is saved correctly, regardless of whether the user is editing or approving content updates.
<div class='importButton' onclick='importFeedData()'/>
pages from direct access. In Seam. you can define actions that run before a page is rendered. These declarations are in WEB-INF/pages.xml:
To add the various parts to the final string, you pass them to the append method. When you re done, you call the toString method to get the whole string stored in the StringBuilder instance. The Sys.StringBuilder class also supports an appendLine method that adds a line break after the string passed as an argument. The line break is the escape sequence \r\n, so you can t use it when building HTML. Instead, you write something like this:
Next we ll take a detailed look at the interceptor classes themselves.
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