Defining the Deployment web page for the ClickOnce deployment
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The elements of Ant style
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The UrlRoutingModule is an implementation of IHttpModule and represents the entry point into the ASP.NET MVC Framework. This module examines each request, builds up the RouteData for the request, finds an appropriate IRouteHandler for the given route matched, and finally redirects the request to the IRouteHandler s IHttpHandler. In any ASP.NET MVC application, the default route looks like the one in listing 24.1. The MapRoute method is a simplified way of specifying routes.
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Listing 13.8
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Remember, you need to use the CType method to convert the value to a string before you can use it. Similarly, the helper method retrieves the books object, uses CType to convert it to an array of strings, and stores it in the new array CatBooks( ):
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<!-- binding element tells us which protocols and encoding styles are used --> <binding name="TravelAgentBinding" type="titan:TravelAgent"> <soap:binding style="rpc" transport=""/> <operation name="makeReservation"> <soap:operation soapAction="" /> <input> <soap:body use="literal" namespace=""/> </input> <output> <soap:body use="literal" namespace=""/> </output> </operation> </binding>
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these comments; the available fields are listed on the OpenJFX project site (details of which can be found in appendix A). Now that you know how to write code the compiler ignores, let s move on to write something that has an effect. We ll begin with basic data types.
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Can be a message property or header name; case sensitive.
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Listing 12.1 iPodSampleViewController.h
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Understanding object/relational persistence
Although the colors don t appear in this grayscale book, the form does indeed have a rainbow button.
A.3.2 Antipatterns in practice
Figure 7.5 The GridView renders properly.
First, let s add clear documentation on the structure of the XML configuration file. There is no easy way to communicate the structure of an XML file to an ordinary user. Although such documentation is a requirement, hopefully the application will also include a tool to let an administrator build the configuration file. Such a program, sadly, is not included in this book s project. It is left as an exercise for the reader. (I always wanted to say that.)
usually printed under the battery and is available from within device menus. It corresponds to GSM s IMEI. Electronic Serial Number (ESN) The predecessor to the MEID, this number is shorter and identifies a physical device. Pseudo Electronic Serial Number (pESN) A hardware identifier, derived from the MEID, that s compatible with the older ESN standard. The ESN supply was exhausted several years ago, so pESNs provide a bridge for legacy applications built around ESN. A pESN always starts with 0x80 in hex format or 128 in decimal format. Unlike GSM phones, which allow users to switch devices by swapping out SIM cards, CDMA phones require you to contact your carrier if you want to transfer an account to a new device. This process is often called an ESN swap or ESN change. Some carriers make this easy, and others make it difficult. If you ll be working on CDMA devices, learning how to do this with your carrier can save you thousands of dollars in subscriber fees. A few devices, sometimes called world phones, support both CDMA and GSM. These devices often have two separate radios and an optional SIM card. Currently, such devices operate only on one network or the other at any given time. Additionally, these devices are often restricted to using only particular carriers or technologies in particular countries. You generally don t need to do anything special to support these devices, but be aware that certain phones might appear to change their network technology from time to time.
private String getForwardURL( HttpServletRequest request, String outputType) { String result = null; if (outputType.equals("html")) result = "/watchlist/watchlist.html.en_US.jsp"; else result = "/watchlist/watchlist.wml.en_US.jsp"; Enumeration locales = request.getHeaders("Accept-Language"); while (locales.hasMoreElements()) { String locale = (String) locales.nextElement(); if (locale.equalsIgnoreCase("en_GB")) if (outputType.equals("html")) return "/watchlist/watchlist.html.en_GB.jsp"; else return "/watchlist/watchlist.wml.en_GB.jsp"; } return result; }
The System.Net.Sockets namespace defines the Socket class, which makes the socket features of the underlying operating system available from .NET. We use a Socket when we want to open a TCP connection to a remote service:
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