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<asp:SqlDataSource id="sqlProducts" runat="server" ConnectionString= "<%$ ConnectionStrings:AdventureWorksConnectionString %>"> <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="rblCategories" Name="ProductCategoryID" PropertyName="SelectedValue" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource>
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<property name="startDate" type="date" lazy="true"/>
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There are two issues to note about these results: no details were provided about which test failed or why, and the build completed successfully despite the test failure. First let s get our directory structure and Ant build file refactored to accommodate further refinements easily, and we will return in section 4.6 to address these issues. 4.5.1 Structure directories to accommodate testing A well-organized directory structure is a key factor in build file and project management simplicity and sanity. Test code should be separate from production code, under unique directory trees. This keeps the test code out of the production binary distributions, and lets you build the tests and source separately. You should use a package hierarchy as usual. You can either have a new package for your tests, or
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3. Notify
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XMLHttpRequest The ASP.NET AJAX framework abstracts away any use of the XMLHttpRequest object; however, you should have a basic understanding of how it works under the hood. These URLs offer more insight into the protocol and use of the control:
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Mitch approves content changes When Mitch visits the home page of the portal, he can see by an alert on the Common Tasks area that the page has content requiring approval. After viewing the changes, Mitch uses the Approve Content button on the Common Tasks area to save the changes and make them visible to all portal users. Having these scenarios defined allows us to easily identify the most common tasks performed and ensures that they are easily accessed from a prominent location on the screen. By reading the scenarios, you can clearly understand that common tasks for our portal include designing the page, changing the scope of the page, and adding new web parts to a page. Therefore, we need to ensure that users can complete these tasks with a minimum of fuss. 8.2.2 Creating a common tasks MenuBar Now that we have identified the common tasks, we need a way to expose them from a highly prominent place in our application so that they are easily accessible to our users. In Windows programs such as MS Word, Internet Explorer, and the Windows File Explorer, common tasks are positioned on a menu at the top of the screen so that they can always be accessed by a single click. Placing the important tasks in such a prominent position has another advantage it makes it easier to introduce new common tasks to users without causing confusion. In this next section we ll add a menu bar to our portal to display common tasks to users. When this work is completed the home portal page will look like the image shown in figure 8.2. Looking at figure 8.2, we can see that each common task Show Per-User View, Add Web Parts, and Design is now prominently displayed to users and is available to them through a single click. The Common Tasks area displays the current personalization scope of the page clearly so that there is no confusion about what the current scope is. This is important, because it can be very frustrating for the user who makes many personalization changes to a portal and then finds that he s done so in the wrong scope and that the wrong group of users is now seeing the content changes.
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11.4.1 Adding frameworks with Xcode
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Metadata-based solutions have often been used inappropriately. Metadata is not, by nature, more flexible or maintainable than plain Java code. Many existing metadata formats weren t designed to be readable and easy to edit by hand. In particular, a major cause of pain is the lack of sensible defaults for attribute and element values, requiring significantly more typing than should be necessary. Even worse, some metadata schemas use only XML elements and text values, without any attributes. Another problem is schemas that are too generic, where every declaration is wrapped in a generic extension attribute of a meta element. Good XML editors, especially in IDEs, aren t as common as good Java coding environments. Worst, and most easily fixable, a document type declaration (DTD) often isn t provided, preventing autocompletion and validation.
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The NAnt folder contains the entire runtime distribution of NAnt. We include the distribution to avoid an environmental setup step on every server to which we deploy. The website folder contains the complete application that we XCOPY deploy to the correct folder on the server. The is the NAnt build script that contains the complete deployment script. The Dev.bat file is a bootstrapper file that calls CommonDeploy.bat. In listing 17.1, the bootstrapper file Dev.bat overrides the deploy directory and connection string properties by setting environment variables, and then calls the CommonDeploy.bat script. Fill in the TODO placeholders when you implement the script for yourself.
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import javax.script.ScriptEngineManager; import com.sun.javafx.api.JavaFXScriptEngine; // ... private ControlPanel ctrlPan; // ... ctrlPan = getJavaFX(); ctrlPan.setTitle(state.getCurrentRoomTitle()); JPanel pan = new JPanel(new BorderLayout()); pan.add(mapView,BorderLayout.CENTER); pan.add(ctrlPan.getUI(),BorderLayout.SOUTH); //Part 2 is listing 11.5
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Mixin for movement
<property name="number" column="NUMBER"/> <property name="expMonth" column="EXP_MONTH"/> <property name="expYear" column="EXP_YEAR"/> </joined-subclass> <joined-subclass name="BankAccount" table="BANK_ACCOUNT"> ... </class> </hibernate-mapping>
Classes & Controls Methods & Events
First steps with Ajax
Bonus: creating a styled UI control in JavaFX
436 | Appendix B: Stateless Session EJB: Encryption Example
mode typeHandler
Up until now, we ve created new documents using the five steps in the iText document-creation process. In this chapter we ll add content to an existing document using PdfStamper. PdfStamper uses a different mechanism, as demonstrated in the manipulateWithStamper() method.
public void execute() { log(getProject().replaceProperties(message)); }
This query works perfectly, since the association between bids and items is bidirectional and each Bid knows its Item. Imagine that this association was unidirectional: Item has a collection of Bids, but there is no inverse association from Bid to Item. We could try the following query:
login form post would decide to redirect the user to the homepage or to re-render the login form with a message saying the user needs to enter a correct username and password combination. Although this seems like an obvious path that needs to be developed, it s easy to overlook the alternate paths when you don t storyboard them. This technique helps developers and designers communicate how the screens should work before a single line of code is written.
Private Sub DoSomeMultiplication( ) Dim mult = Function(x As Integer, y As Integer) _ MultiplyIt(x, y) + 10 MsgBox(mult(5, 6)) End Sub ' Displays 40
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