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Different formats Even if the same type of data is supported by multiple
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NDK on the disk
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We have not specified the name parameter for the @EJB annotation in this code and the JNDI name is derived from the interface name (BidManagerLocal in our case). If we want to inject an EJB bound to a different JNDI name, we can use the @EJB annotation as follows:
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Despite the shortcomings, such as the second <element> value becoming inaccessible and the confusing way in which attribute1 and attribute2 are both accessible, this task can be handy when you have well-known simple XML data and need access to a piece of it during the build process.
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Annotations reference
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Introducing the concept of direct content
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It s probably the case that your code doesn t exhibit all the features we just mentioned. Mine certainly doesn t. These are merely ideals that we ve presented. Making the effort to move toward these ideals can pay big dividends when it comes to maintaining your codebase in the future, and refactoring existing code can introduce these qualities as you go along. Choosing where to concentrate the effort is something of a black art, and the only way to get good at it is by practicing. If you re new to refactoring, start with something small and gradually work outward. Remember, refactoring is an incremental process, and you can add quality to your code without pulling it apart and leaving bits on the floor for weeks on end. In the remainder of this chapter, we ll look at some specific features that you can build into Ajax applications. A large part of the chapter focuses on notification frameworks, which are ways of keeping the user informed while background processes such as calculations or network requests take place. By providing the user
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As with the client side, we create a Socket object, once again specifying the address family, socket type, and protocol. (In this particular example, the lifetime we require for the Socket happens to be the same as the lifetime of our Main method, so a using statement is an appropriate way to manage the socket s disposal.) Whereas with the client we could just use whichever IP address type came back from Dns.GetHostEntry, when we write a server we need to state which sort of address we want to listen on. Example 13-25 chooses the InterNetworkV6 family to enable the use of IPv6. If you want to support just IPv4 you can specify InterNetwork. In fact, this example supports both kinds of address the call to SetSocketOption after the constructor puts this socket into dual mode, meaning that it s able to accept connections through either IPv4 or IPv6. (The magic number 27 that appears in the call corresponds to a value defined by the Windows SDK that doesn t currently have an equivalent entry in the SocketOption Name enumeration. So unfortunately, this is just a magic incantation that you need to know in order to enable a socket to accept incoming connections on either IP version.)
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Bitter session states
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<% using(Html.BeginForm( "add", "sessions", FormMethod.Post, new {@class="hijax"})) { %> <fieldset> <legend>Propose new session</legend> <label for="title">Title</label> <input type="text" name="title" /> <label for="description">Description</label> <textarea name="description" rows="3" cols="30"></textarea> <label for="level">Level</label> <select name="level"> <option selected="selected" value="100">100</option> <option value="200">200</option> <option value="300">300</option> <option value="400">400</option> </select> <br /> <input type="submit" value="Add" /> <span id="indicator" style="display:none"><img src="../../content/ load.gif" alt="loading..." /></span> </fieldset> <% } %>
Analyzers: doors to flexibility
design pattern (continued) definition of 71 Fa ade defined 79 interface for server side 172 for memory management 319 history 71 in memory footprint 302 interaction between 322 interactions between 316 introduce with refactoring 73 memory management 322 nested 120 Observer defined 80, 82 implemented 82 listener in 82 over use 73 refactoring in 72 Reference Backing Object By Name 612 Remove by Dislocation 309 Remove by Hiding 309 request dispatch 454 Singleton defined 89 in business logic 90 in Java 88 using top variable 90 design tools examples 569 lack of support for Ajax 569 detachEvent(), IE function 137 DHTML example 369 formatting results 382 library for windows 428 dialog modal, non-modal 226 dialup modem, accounting for 363 display property hiding elements 390 of DOM element 421 div element, properties 474 document global variable 49 root of DOM tree 49 Document Object Model $() function for getting an element 395 adding nodes 293 Ajax component 32 attaching functions to nodes 613
Enhancing an existing ASP.NET site
Exits a subroutine
ADO.NET defines a family of interfaces that provide a uniform way to perform basic operations such as executing queries, inserting new rows into database tables, and updating or deleting existing rows. Some data access features are common to many different programming systems if you re familiar with ODBC, or with Java s JDBC, you could think of these ADO.NET interfaces as being the .NET equivalent of those APIs. These interfaces provide the most direct and efficient way to access the basic services offered by relational databases, which is why the other data access features we ll be looking at in this chapter do not replace this part of ADO.NET. They build on this lowlevel feature to provide higher-level services. Because it s not the main focus of this chapter, we won t go into too much detail on how this part of ADO.NET works, and will instead just provide a quick taste. Table 14-1 shows the main ADO.NET base classes that represent the various things needed to get a database to do some work.
How Windows Azure works
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