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you easily create further JavaScript objects (this needs a bit of work, though, according to the author).
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static static static static static final final final final final int int int int int MAX_BAR_SIZE = 150; START_X_POSITION = 5; START_Y_CURRENT = 97; START_Y_HISTORIC = 122; BAR_HEIGHT = 5;
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//--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Inner Classes -----------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Simple value object to encapsulate a username/password pair
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CFURLRef 274 CGAffine 255 CGAffineMakeRotation 254 CGAffineMakeScale 254 CGAffineMakeTranslation 254 CGAffineTransform 250 CGAffineTransformMake 261 CGAffineTransformRotate 254 CGAffineTransformScale 254 CGAffineTransformTranslate 255 CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB 258 CGColorSpaceCreateWithName 258 CGColorSpaceRelease 258 CGContext text options 260 CGContextAddArc 248 CGContextAddArcToPoint 248 CGContextAddCurveToPoint 248 CGContextAddEllipseInRect 248 CGContextAddLineToPoint 248 CGContextAddQuadCurveToPoint 248 CGContextAddRect 248 CGContextAddRects 248 CGContextBeginPath 248 CGContextClearRect 251 CGContextClip 249 CGContextClosePath 249 CGContextConcatCTM 254 255 CGContextDrawImage 259 CGContextDrawLinearGradient 258 CGContextDrawRadialGradient 258 CGContextDrawTiledImage 259 CGContextEOFillPath 249 CGContextFillPath 249 CGContextFillRect 251 CGContextFillRects 251 CGContextMoveToPoint 248 CGContextRef 244 CGContextRestoreGState 244, 251 CGContextRotateCTM 253 CGContextSaveGState 244, 251 CGContextScaleCTM 253 CGContextSelectFont 261 CGContextSetAlpha 256 CGContextSetBlendMode 256 CGContextSetFillColorWithColor 252 CGContextSetFlatness 256 CGContextSetFont 261 CGContextSetLineCap 256 CGContextSetLineDash 256 CGContextSetLineJoin 256 CGContextSetLineWidth 256 CGContextSetRGBFillColor 252 CGContextSetRGBStrokeColor 252 CGContextSetSetPosition 261 CGContextSetShadow 256
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Declaring properties and references in <ant> The <ant> task lets you declare properties that are passed down to a child build, using the <property> and <reference> nested elements. If you have been using <antcall>, this should seem familiar, although in that task the element to set properties is called <param>. The <property> element of <ant> looks exactly the same as a normal <property> declaration: it can set properties to a value, a location, a file, or a resource. You can even use <property env="env"> to load the environment variables. Loading properties in from a file is powerful, because a single file can then control which properties are set and which are left unset. For example, we could modify our targets to load a common file, the values of which would be set in all the child projects:
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The following types of calls are considered cross-domain requests:
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Listing 16.2 Adding the viewport meta tag
Splitting It Up Again
Java Beans
The aspect in listing 5.11 contains a logger object, and the constructor sets its logging level to an initial value. This logging level is only the initial level; any part of the system can later get hold of the trace logger object using Logger.getLogger("trace") and modify its level. Therefore, before we perform the actual logging, advice to the traceMethods() pointcut first checks if the current logging level is such that the logp() method call will result in a log message. It does this by calling isLoggable(). The check for the log level is needed for performance reasons only. It ensures that we do not perform a wasteful operation in assembling the log message if the message will not be logged. To perform the actual logging, we invoke the logp() method on the logger object with the appropriate log message and caller information. In section 5.1.2, we discussed why we want to use the logp() method to log messages instead of log(). Another reason to use logp() is that calling the log() method would cause the logging kit to deduce that the caller is the advice instead of the advised method. This happens because the log() method uses the call stack to infer the caller. In this example, the actual caller is the advice, but we want the real caller of the logged method (that triggered the advice) to be shown
super.draw(canvas, mapView, false); } }
Table 3.4 Examples of constructor signatures Signature Pattern public public public public public * Matched Constructors A public constructor of the Account class taking no arguments. A public constructor of the Account class taking a single integer argument. All public constructors of the Account class taking any number and type of arguments. Any public constructor of the Account class or its subclasses. Any public constructor of classes with names ending with Account. This will match all the public constructors of the SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount classes. Any public constructors of the Account class that declare they can throw InvalidAccountNumberException.
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