The Java world is full of specifications, standards, and, of course, implementations of these. A relatively new but important standard is in its first version: the Java
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Listing 1.10 Deployment descriptor for the MessageBean
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Each radio button is given the default name ListItem, but you may edit its text and value in the ListItem properties, where you can also decide which of the radio buttons is selected, as shown in Figure 21-1.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
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thrown if these methods are executed. The material on EJBContext covered in this section applies equally well to messagedriven beans. There are some exceptions, however, and these differences are covered in 12.
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Type of information Contact lookup Map lookup/search Browser launch to a specific website
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submitData() creates the form element and iterates over the data, adding to the form using the addParam() function. We can invoke it like this:
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public-read public-read public-read public-read var var var var total:Integer; perPage:Integer; page:Integer; pages:Integer;
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Designer ExtenderControlProperty ClientPropertyName ExtenderControlEvent
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if((CGRectIntersectsRect(ball.frame, paddle_1.frame) || CGRectIntersectsRect(ball.frame, paddle_2.frame)) && !justCollided) { gameStatus.ballVelocity.y *= -1; collision = YES; justCollided = YES; [self performSelector:@selector(resetCollision) withObject:nil afterDelay:1.0]; } = CGPointMake(gameStatus.paddlePosition[1self.peerStatus].x,; Updates local } else { = CGPointMake(gameStatus.paddlePosition[1self.peerStatus].x ,; } gameStatus.ballPosition.y = gameStatus.ballPosition.y + gameStatus.ballVelocity.y; gameStatus.ballPosition.x = gameStatus.ballPosition.x + gameStatus.ballVelocity.x; = CGPointMake(gameStatus.ballPosition.x,
dbContext.DeleteObject(detail); dbContext.SaveChanges();
</Style> </UserControl.Resources>
Creating advanced view controllers
The interceptor is active for the Session you open it with. If you work with sessionFactory.getCurrentSession(), you don t control the opening of a Session; it s handled transparently by one of Hibernate s built-in implementations of CurrentSessionContext. You can write your own (or extend an existing) CurrentSessionContext implementation and supply your own routine for opening the current Session and assigning an interceptor to it. Another way to enable an interceptor is to set it globally on the Configuration with setInterceptor() before building the SessionFactory. However, any interceptor that is set on a Configuration and active for all Sessions must be implemented thread-safe! The single Interceptor instance is shared by concurrently running Sessions. The AuditLogInterceptor implementation isn t thread-safe: It uses member variables (the inserts and updates queues). You can also set a shared thread-safe interceptor that has a no-argument constructor for all EntityManager instances in JPA with the following configuration option in persistence.xml:
var storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse( ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DataConnectionString"]); CloudTableClient tableClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient(); tableClient.CreateTableIfNotExist("ShoppingCartTable");
Listing 2.23
Using a local cache
backend 144, 314 BackendQueueProcessorFactory 150, 318 Backus-Naur notation 213 base query components 214 batch 153, 156 mode 293 batch size 174, 179 best value 175
This class is a JAXM web services proxy servlet that receives asynchronous image updates for products from a supplier. The onMessage method handles the image update from the asynchronous SOAP message. The parameter that it receives is the JAXM Message. This method returns null because no response is sent back to the message creator. This code block dumps the object to a UTF-8 string. We do this before we put it on the JMS queue because JAXM Messages are not serializable.
CGAffineTransform myAffine = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(.25*M_PI); CGAffineTransformTranslate(myAffine, 100, 100); CGContextConcatCTM(ctx, myAffine);
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