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import javax.annotation.Resource; import javax.ejb.ConcurrencyManagement; import javax.ejb.ConcurrencyManagementType;
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< php header("Content-type: application/xml"); include ""; include "smarty.class.php"; $garment=new DataObjects_Garment; $garment->category = $_GET["cat"]; $number_of_rows = $garment->find(); $smarty=new Smarty; $smarty->assign('garments',$garments); $smarty->display('garments_xml.tpl'); >
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The Note class implements the IStorable interface:
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var account = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("DataConnectionString"); account.Credentials.SignRequest(hwr);
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It is unlikely that most Torque-based projects need all of these steps. We have the added steps for generating an embedded prepopulated sample database. These steps can be optimized with clever use of <uptodate> to prevent regeneration of files that will not change until the schema itself changes. We are using the lightweight HypersonicSQL database, which allows us to run a complete database within our web application (no separate server process is needed). The Torque project is still working
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The code in listing 6.1 shows a private method, publish(), that can be used in any object that wishes to send a JMS message to a publish/subscribe topic.
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These annotations are used to inject both EJBs and resources. javax.ejb.EJB Injects an EJB reference into a field or method.
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Removes all elements from the List Determines whether an element is in the List Overloaded public method that copies a List to a one-dimensional array; commonly used to convert a List to an array for methods that accept only arrays, not collections Determines whether the List contains elements that meet the specified criteria Returns the first List element that meets specified criteria Returns all List elements that meet specified criteria Overloaded public method that returns an enumerator to iterate through a List Copies a range of elements to a new List Overloaded public method that returns the index of the first occurrence of a value Inserts an element into a List Inserts the elements of a collection into the List Overloaded public method that returns the index of the last occurrence of a List element that meets specified criteria Removes the first occurrence of a specific object Removes the element at the specified index Removes a range of elements Reverses the order of elements in the List Sorts the List Copies the elements of the List to a new array; commonly used to convert a List to an array for methods that accept only arrays, not collections Sets the capacity to the actual number of elements in the List
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Access to immediate and accurate information about the state of your build process is vital to your CI quality. The faster you get the information about a change in the quality of your source code, the more quickly you can react to fix the problem. The faster you fix the problem, the better your team will work. You ll know where you journey is taking you and whether your project is starting to veer off the road. In this chapter, you learned that you should employ a variety of methods to notify your team about the current build status. The most common technique is a website that reports detailed integration information. Using a tray notifier is good for providing quick updates to a developer s workstation. At a glance, each team member can know whether a build is broken or things are running smoothly.
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C# 3.0 Feature Anonymous Types
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