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Peripheral Router Configuration
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To see more details about the configuration use the Advfirewall context the commandline counterpart to Windows Firewall With Advanced Security. The Advfirewall context contains three subcontexts: Consec, Firewall, and Monitor. The Firewall subcontext can be used to show the rule details for specific (or all) rules or set new values for existing rules. You can also add rules on the y using this subcontext. The Consec subcontext is used to work with connection security rules on the computer. The Monitor subcontext is used to view and set security associations. To view all of the rules within Windows Firewall from the command line (be prepared for a lot of output) type:
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settles, the Exit Sub approach does appear more readable and maintainable, just not by a very wide margin.
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Configuring a VPN Remote Access Policy with Windows Server 2003 IAS
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Part I CLR Basics
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that user assemblies can be run by SQL Server at the instance level . You cannot control this option at a more granular level, so by enabling this option, you enable it for the whole SQL Server instance . Enabling this option might impose a security risk . The level of risk depends on what you will allow each individual assembly to do . When creating assemblies with the CREATE ASSEMBLY command, you can control code access permissions by setting the PERMISSION_SET option to SAFE, EXTERNAL_ ACCESS, or UNSAFE . The following security note from SQL Books Online describes all three: SAFE is the recommended permission setting for assemblies that perform computation and data management tasks without accessing resources outside an instance of SQL Server. We recommend using EXTERNAL_ACCESS for assemblies that access resources outside of an instance of SQL Server. EXTERNAL_ACCESS assemblies include the reliability and scalability protections of SAFE assemblies, but from a security perspective are similar to UNSAFE assemblies. This is because code in EXTERNAL_ACCESS assemblies runs by default under the SQL Server service account and accesses external resources under that account, unless the code explicitly impersonates the caller. Therefore, permission to create EXTERNAL_ACCESS assemblies should be granted only to logins that are trusted to run code under the SQL Server service account. For more information about impersonation, see CLR Integration Security. Specifying UNSAFE enables the code in the assembly complete freedom to perform operations in the SQL Server process space that can potentially compromise the robustness of SQL Server. UNSAFE assemblies can also potentially subvert the security system of either SQL Server or the common language runtime. UNSAFE permissions should be granted only to highly trusted assemblies. Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can create and alter UNSAFE assemblies. None of the functions discussed in this chapter requires external access, so the assembly will be created with the SAFE permission . In the following chapters, I will demonstrate a stored procedure that requires EXTERNAL_ACCESS and a trigger that requires UNSAFE, but I ll do so only for demonstration purposes . When demonstrating those routines, I ll alter the assembly to support the required permission . Bear in mind the security risk involved in allowing external access to your assembly .
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.net data matrix reader
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Symbolic error name This is the message that the error returned to the operating system. It corresponds to the Stop error number that appears at the bottom of the screen. In this example, the symbolic error name is DRIVE_IRQL_NOT_ LESS_OR_EQUAL. Troubleshooting recommendations This generic text applies to all Stop errors of the specified type. Depending on the error number, you may be told to check available disk space, uninstall a piece of hardware, or remove or update recently installed drivers or software. Error number and parameters Developers call this section bugcheck information. The text following the word STOP includes the error number (in hexadecimal notation, as indicated by the 0x at the beginning of the code) and up to four parameters that are specific to the error type.
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The classes and methods used to write to the console are different. The .NET class libraries are covered in Part III of this book; console output is covered in 10, "Streams, Files, and I/O." The application entry point or main method uses different capitalization; it's Main in C#. See the next section for more information about the Main method.
Grouping the Results of a Join
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