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Security Template Least Privilege Opportunities
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Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP). CHAP is an
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FiguRe 3-5 Execution plan for query with OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN hint
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Log On As Local System
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Key Features in Expression Blend
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Valid Or Invalid
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Publishing a finished document in Portable Document Format (PDF) has become a fairly common practice over recent years. PDF is a format that preserves the way a document looks complete with the fonts, graphics, and formatting used and displays it in a device-independent way. This means that the file looks exactly the same on any device that has the necessary PDF reader, which makes PDF particularly attractive for saving design-intensive documents such as marketing brochures, newsletters, and more. Companies today are using PDF format to make various documents available on the Web; for example, annual reports, product information, and course catalogs can all be found saved in multiple-page PDF documents on company Web sites. PDF also provides you with a means of saving a finished document that cannot be edited by others unless they have specialized software designed for changing PDF files and the necessary permissions to do so. The Microsoft Office system applications now include the ability to save files in PDF format when you choose the Save As option (see Figure 3-4). The 2007 release also includes an option for saving files in XML Paper Specification (XPS), a format developed by Microsoft that offers XML-based, paginated device-independent files, enabling you to share formatted and finalized documents in a secure way with others who may or may not be working with the same software you use. Tip
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Lesson 1
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The array is empty, and trying to address, say, x[5] results in nil being returned. You can add things to the end of the array by pushing data into it, like so: x = [] x << "Word" After this, the array contains a single element: a string saying "Word". With arrays, << is the operator for pushing an item onto the end of an array. You can also use the push method, which is equivalent: x.push("Word") You can also remove entries from an array one by one. Traditionally, arrays act as a last in, first out system where items can be pushed onto the end but also popped from the end (popping is the process of retrieving and removing items from the end of the array). x = [] x << "Word" x << "Play" x << "Fun" puts x.pop puts x.pop puts x.length
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IIS 6.0
Nslookup offers the ability to perform query testing of DNS servers and to obtain detailed responses at the command prompt. The DNS Events log records errors with the DNS Server service component of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. If you are having problems with DNS, you can check Event Viewer for DNS-related events. The DNS Server service maintains a separate log used for debugging. This DNS debug log is a file named Dns.log that is stored in the WINDOWS\System32\Dns\ folder. To enable DNS packet logging to the Dns.log file, select the Log Packets For Debugging check box on the Debug Logging tab in the DNS server properties dia log box.
WITH D AS ( SELECT seqval, (SELECT MIN(B.seqval) FROM dbo.NumSeqDups AS B WHERE B.seqval >= A.seqval AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.NumSeqDups AS C WHERE C.seqval = B.seqval + 1)) AS grp FROM dbo.NumSeqDups AS A ) SELECT MIN(seqval) AS start_range, MAX(seqval) AS end_range FROM D GROUP BY grp;
place if it is performing a managed blocking operation such as sleeping or waiting . A thread can be corralled to a safe place by using hijacking (described in 21) . A thread is not in a safe place if it is executing a type s class constructor, code in a catch or finally block, code in a CER, or unmanaged code . Once the thread reaches a safe place, the runtime will detect that the AbortRequested flag is set for the thread . This causes the thread to throw a ThreadAbortException . If this exception is not caught, the exception will be unhandled, all pending finally blocks will execute, and the thread will kill itself gracefully . Unlike all other exceptions, an unhandled ThreadAbortException does not cause the application to terminate . The runtime silently eats this exception and the thread dies, but the application and all of its remaining threads continue to run just fine . In my example, the host catches the ThreadAbortException, allowing the host to regain control of the thread and return it to the pool . But there is a problem: What is to stop the untrusted code from catching the ThreadAbortException itself to keep control of the thread The answer is that the CLR treats the ThreadAbortException in a very special manner . Even when code catches the ThreadAbortException, the CLR doesn t allow the exception to be swallowed . In other words, at the end of the catch block, the CLR automatically rethrows the ThreadAbortException exception . This CLR feature raises another question: If the CLR rethrows the ThreadAbortException at the end of a catch block, how can the host catch it to regain control of the thread Inside the host s catch block, there is a call to Thread s ResetAbort method . Calling this method tells the CLR to stop rethrowing the ThreadAbortException at the end of each catch block . This raises yet another question: What s to stop the untrusted code from catching the ThreadAbortException and calling Thread s ResetAbort method itself to keep control of the thread The answer is that Thread s ResetAbort method requires the caller to have the SecurityPermission with the ControlThread flag set to true . When the host creates the AppDomain for the untrusted code, the host will not grant this permission, and now, the untrusted code cannot keep control of the host s thread . I should point out that there is still a potential hole in this story: While the thread is unwinding from its ThreadAbortException, the untrusted code can execute catch and finally blocks . Inside these blocks, the untrusted code could enter an infinite loop, preventing the host from regaining control of its thread . A host application fixes this problem by setting an escalation policy (discussed earlier) . If an aborting thread doesn t finish in a reasonable amount of time, the CLR can upgrade the thread abort to a rude thread abort, a rude AppDomain unload, disabling of the CLR, or killing of the process . I should also note that the untrusted code could catch the ThreadAbortException and, inside the catch block, throw some other kind of exception . If this other exception is caught, at the end of the catch block, the CLR automatically rethrows the ThreadAbortException .
-include -noInheritAcl
You can search on the basis of any property recognized by the file system. To see the whole list of available properties, right-click any column heading in Windows Explorer and choose More from the shortcut menu. The Choose Details list that appears (see Figure 7-5 earlier in this chapter) enumerates the available properties. Ordinarily when you enter a value in the Search box, Windows searches all possible properties for matches with that value. That often generates more search results than you want. You can limit the search to a particular property by typing the property name followed by a colon. For example, to find all documents of which Jean is the author, omitting documents from subfolders that include the name Jean, as well as documents that have Jean in their names, you would type author:jean in the Search box. (To eliminate documents authored by Jeanne, Jeannette, or Jeanelle, you could enclose jean in quote marks.) When searching on the basis of dates, you can use long or short forms, as you please. For example, the search values
5. Click Save and Close.
To stop and start Routing And Remote Access
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