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You can use the LPAD and RPAD functions to produce column-value histograms by providing variable expressions, instead of constant values, as their second argument. For an example, see Listing 5-12, which shows how to create a salary histogram with a granularity of 100. Listing 5-12. Producing Histograms with the LPAD and RPAD Functions select lpad(msal,4)||' '|| rpad('o',msal/100,'o') as histogram from employees where deptno = 30; HISTOGRAM ----------------------------------------------1600 oooooooooooooooo 1250 oooooooooooo 1250 oooooooooooo 2850 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1500 ooooooooooooooo 800 oooooooo Listing 5-13 shows the difference between the functions REPLACE and TRANSLATE. TRANSLATE replaces individual characters. REPLACE offers the option to replace words with other words. Note also what happens if you use the REPLACE function with only two arguments, instead of three: the function removes words instead of replacing them. Listing 5-13. Using the TRANSLATE and REPLACE Functions select , , from translate('beer bucket','beer','milk') as translate replace ('beer bucket','beer','milk') as replace_1 replace ('beer bucket','beer') as replace_2 dual;
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Validator[] valArray = new Validator[] { new NotNullValidator(true, "Value can be NULL."), new StringLengthValidator(5, RangeBoundaryType.Inclusive, 5, RangeBoundaryType.Inclusive, "Must be between {3} ({4}) and {5} ({6}) chars.") };
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Open Disk Management if it isn t already open. Right-click the mirrored disk that shows as online (Disk 2 in Figure 11-17.) Select Remove Mirror from the shortcut menu to open the Remove Mirror dialog box shown in Figure 11-18. generator pdf417
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Working with the Office Spreadsheet Web Part
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sions when you run the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard, it automatically adds the computer account of the RAS and IAS Servers domain-local security group. This group membership allows the answering router computer to access user account information. If the answering router is unable to access user account information, verify that:
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The Main Method
B. Correct: If you need to populate an HTML table with data generated at run time, you
Figure 1.1 Editing a presentation in Microsoft Producer. Working with Microsoft Producer Before you start working with Microsoft Producer and this book, it s helpful to know what features are included in Microsoft Producer and where they are discussed in this book. The following section is designed to do just that. Getting Content into Microsoft Producer The first task is to bring digital media files into your Microsoft Producer project. The files that you can use in your projects can include audio, video, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, still images, and HTML files. Because you can import a wide variety of digital media file formats, you will be able to use many of your existing still images, HTML files, audio files, video files, or Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Techniques for importing existing digital media files and a listing of supported file types are discussed in greater detail in chapter 7. You can capture audio and video in Microsoft Producer if you have an appropriate capture device connected to or installed in your computer. You can record from a wide variety of video capture devices, such as Web cameras, analog video cameras, digital video
The Relational Model: A Quick Summary
nd the folder when searching Active Directory for shared folders, right-click the appropriate container in the Active Directory Users And Computers console, choose New, select Shared Folder, and then type the path of the DFS folder or shared folder in the Network Path box.
While the debugger is running and execution has stopped at the line you d like to execute, 1 . Click Debug, Step Into on the main menu or 2 . Press the F11 key .
MAP file is a text file that indicates where the linker put all the symbols and source lines in your program. You should always create MAP files with your release builds because they are the only straight text representation of your symbols that you can get. MAP files are especially handy in the future when you need to find a crash location and your current debugger doesn't read the old symbols. If you use REBASE.EXE to rebase a DLL instead of rebasing it manually, the MAP file created by the linker will contain the original base address, and you'll have to do some arithmetic to convert an address in the MAP file to a rebased address. In 12, I'll explain MAP files in more detail. One of the big questions I get when I tell people to rebase their files is, "What files am I supposed to rebase " The rule of thumb is simple: if you or someone on your team wrote the code, rebase it. Otherwise, leave it alone. If you're using third-party components, your binaries will have to fit around them. What About Managed Modules and Base Addresses At this point you're probably thinking that since managed components are compiled to DLLs, you might want to rebase those as well. If you've explored the compiler switches for the C# and Visual Basic .NET compilers, you might have seen the /BASEADDRESS switch for setting the base address. Well, when it comes to managed code, things are quite a bit different. If you really look at a managed DLL with DUMPBIN.EXE, the Portable Executable (PE) dumper from Visual Studio .NET, or with Matt Pietrek's excellent PEDUMP (MSDN Magazine, February 2002), you'll notice a single imported function, _CorDllMain from MSCOREE.DLL, and a single relocation entry. Thinking that there might be actual executable code in managed DLLs, I disassembled a few and everything in the module code section looked like data. I scratched my head a bit more and noticed something very interesting. The entry point of the module, which is the place where execution starts, happens to be the same address as the imported _CorDllMain. That helped confirm there's no native executable code. In the end, rebasing isn't going to buy you a tremendous advantage in the same way it does for native code. Nonetheless, I do it anyway because it seems to me that the operating system loader is still involved, so in the end, loading a relocated managed DLL will be slightly slower. If you do choose to rebase your managed DLLs, you must do it at build time. If you use REBASE.EXE on a managed signed DLL, the security code will see that the DLL has been changed and refuse to load it. Common Debugging Question: What additional C# compiler options will help me with my proactive debugging of managed code Although managed code eliminates many of the most common errors that plagued us with native code, certain errors can still affect your code. Fortunately, there are some fine command-line options to help find some of those errors. The good news about Visual Basic .NET is that it has all the appropriate defaults, so no additional compiler switches are necessary. If you don't want to set all of these manually, the SettingsMaster add-in from 9 will do the work for you. /checked+ (Check Integer Arithmetic) You can specify the checked keyword around potential problem areas, but it's something you have to remember to do as you're typing the code. The /checked+ command-line option will turn on integer underflow and overflow checking for the whole program. If a result is outside the range of the data type, the code will automatically throw a run-time exception. This switch will cause quite a bit of extra code generation, so I like to leave it on in debug 43
catch(FormatException fe) { if ( tstr.Length==6 || tstr.Length==8 ) { int mo,da,yr; string dtPart; try { dtPart=tstr.Substring(0,2); mo=System.Int32.Parse(dtPart);
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