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Part II Solutions
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Lesson 1
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Use the Table menu to add and work with tables in your notes.
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from within the Windows SBS Console. To approve an update that has been previously declined, you ll need to use the native WSUS console. Use the following steps to approve an update that has either been automatically declined by SBS Software Updates, or that you ve manually declined:
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enabled="true" requestLimit="10" pageOutput="false" traceMode="SortByTime" localOnly="true" mostRecent="false" />
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Stepping into the Screen
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What Changed
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Appendix E
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Specify white as the border color and 2 pt as the border style/width. Use the right arrow key to go the next column and repeat the formatting . Repeat these steps until all relevant columns (E 05 to E 08) have this format . Select the column E 05 again and make the following settings: Fill: Solid fill, pale red, Transparency 9 % . Repeat these settings for the data points E 06 to E 08 .
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Creating Your Own MMC Consoles 1069
Currency has the same options as Number, except that you can specify a currency format rather than showing the number as a percentage. Select the currency format from the drop-down list of more than 60 available formats.
Lesson 2: Using Client-Side State Management
Appendix A
that makes sense to return, such as a string or numeric value. Returning classes or complex value types show only the type, not any useful information. As usual, here's where I need to warn you about making sure you use only properties and methods that won't cause side effects. As an example, I'll add the C# autoexpand for System.Threading.Thread class types so that you'll see the thread name in the Value column if the name is set. Looking at the examples Microsoft provides in MCEE_CS.DAT, you'll notice that most of the types are specified with complete namespace delimiters. Since the tiny bit of documentation at the top of the MCEE_CS.DAT file doesn't indicate what the minimum level is, I always use the complete intrinsic type name to avoid any problems. The MCEE_CS.DAT file documentation is shown in Bakus-Naur (BNR) form, which isn't always the easiest thing to read. To simplify the descriptions, I thought I'd show a cleaner and more common-sense formation: "<type>=[text]<member/method,format>..." Table 6-1 explains the meaning of each field. The angle brackets are mandatory on both the type element and around the member/method,format sections. Also note that the autoexpand rule can show multiple member values for a type.
REMEMBER Start writing out your spoken words in the notes pane in Notes Page view so that you establish the complete context for what you ll say. You can continue to add notes in this view, as well as in the notes area in Normal view.
public static Object GetUninitializedObject(Type type);
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