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The Point A slide (lower left) features the iStockphoto graphic of three gears and a text box with a question mark to illustrate the headline You haven t had a chance since last quarter to examine how things are working here. On the Point B slide (lower right), the same photo now includes three arrows created with the PowerPoint drawing tools to illustrate You d like to be con dent things are working smoothly.
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When the active client starts, it must provide credentials. If the con gured credential type is UserName, a UserName property must be set. This is shown in the following code.
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as part of the DataContract. Correct Answers: A and C
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FIGURE 6-6 CopyAll target result
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4 discussed various examples of subqueries, using the IN operator or standard logical comparison operators. As a refresher, let s start with two standard subquery examples. The subquery in Listing 9-1 shows all 13 registrations we have for build courses; that is, for course category 'BLD'. Listing 9-1. Subquery Using the IN Operator select r.attendee, r.course, r.begindate from registrations r where r.course in (select c.code from courses c where c.category='BLD');
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expression for each set. The CASE expression will return the relevant value based on the source set; otherwise, it returns a NULL, which won't affect sorting. Here's the solution query generating the output (abbreviated) shown in Table 5-15: SELECT EmployeeID, CustomerID, OrderID, OrderDate FROM (SELECT 1 AS SortCol, CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderID, OrderDate FROM dbo.Orders WHERE CustomerID = N'ALFKI' UNION ALL SELECT 2 AS SortCol, CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderID, OrderDate FROM dbo.Orders WHERE EmployeeID = 3) AS U ORDER BY SortCol, CASE WHEN SortCol = 1 THEN OrderID END, CASE WHEN SortCol = 2 THEN OrderDate END DESC;
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New Information
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As it does with lock resource types, SQL Server determines lock modes automatically . You can use a table hint to request that SQL Server use a specific lock mode (for example, XLOCK or UPDLOCK) . If you wish to disable row- or page-level locking (or both), you can set the relevant index options ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS and ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS to OFF when using the CREATE INDEX and ALTER INDEX statements . To demonstrate a blocking scenario, open three connections . Call them connections 1, 2, and 3 .
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28. Managing Construction
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C:\>nslookup Server: localhost Address: Name: Address:
Data type
System Requirements
You can use LINQ to query against data stored in a collection class, such as the List<T> class (among many others). The following code creates a new List<Employee> collection. The Employee class is simply a custom class that was written to hold a few properties. The code then defines a simple LINQ query against the class. You can then iterate over the collection defined by the query.
Credential and consent prompts are displayed on the secure desktop by default in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Every application must run on a desktop, and each interactive user receives a desktop upon logon where all her applications run. The Secure Desktop is used by the operating system for services and sensitive user interfaces such as the log-on interface. By presenting the elevation prompt on the secure desktop, the operating system guarantees that the information being presented cannot be tampered with. When an executable requests elevation, the user is switched from the user s interactive desktop to the secure desktop. The secure desktop renders a dimmed background of the user desktop and displays a highlighted elevation prompt. When the user clicks Continue or Cancel, the desktop automatically switches back to the user s interactive desktop. While malware can paint over the interactive desktop and present an imitation of the secure desktop (spoofing), authorizing consent does not allow the malware elevation. If UAC is configured to prompt for credentials, malware imitating the credential prompt may gather the user s credentials; however, the malware will be unable to use those credentials remotely to obtain administrator privilege. Somewhat
This setting controls whether the user must enter Windows credentials using a trusted path. The trusted path is a secure key sequence sometimes referred to as a Secure Attention Sequence (SAS) which prevents malware from stealing your Windows credentials. When a standard user tries to perform a task requiring administrator privilege, the system forces the user to enter Ctrl+Alt+Delete before being redirected to the secure desktop to enter a valid administrator user name and password to complete the operation. This trusted path credential workflow prevents input spoofing and output spoofing, making this the most secure Windows credential input configuration. By default this setting is disabled.
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The transit internetwork can be any internetwork the Internet is a public internetwork and is the most widely known real-world example. There are many examples of tunnels that are carried over an organization s internetworks. And while the Internet is one of the most pervasive and cost-effective internetworks, you can replace the references to the Internet in this book with any other public or private internetwork that acts as a transit internetwork.
To configure the test lab for EAP testing, configure DC1 to issue a user template, configure Active Directory for auto-enrollment of user certificates, and add VPNUser to the DialUsers group.
This step is different than all other steps in the sense that it doesn't return a valid table; instead, it returns a cursor. Remember that SQL is based on set theory. A set doesn't have a predetermined order to its rows; it's a logical collection of members, and the order of the members shouldn't matter. A query that applies sorting to the rows of a table returns an object with rows organized in a particular physical order. ANSI calls such an object a cursor. Understanding this step is one of the most fundamental things in correctly understanding SQL.
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