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FigURE 12-13 The GridView control showing a row in edit mode.
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Creating a SharePoint List
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Thus, you can wire an event handler to the CurrentStateChanged property of the MediaElement like this:
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In versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, Administrative Template settings were governed by language-specific ADM template files. These files were provided by Microsoft; administrators can also create custom ones. The syntax of these files
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Routing with Windows Server 2003
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Figure 4-18 The configuration settings for line style are also very versatile .
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In the business tier, you ll add some new methods that will call the earlier created methods in the data tier. Remember that you started working on the Catalog class (located in the business/catalog.php file) in 3. The new methods that you ll add here are GetDepartmentDetails GetCategoriesInDepartment GetCategoryDetails HowManyPages GetProductsInCategory GetProductsOnDepartment GetProductsOnCatalog GetProductDetails code 39 generator download
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Operator Example Comment == #if win2000 == Equality. Expression will evaluate to true if the win2000 symbol has been defined. true != #if win2000 != Inequality. Expression will evaluate to true if the win2000 symbol has not been defined. true && #if win2000 && Logical AND. Expression will evaluate to true only if both the win2000 AND release symbols have been defined. release || #if win2000 || Logical OR. Expression will evaluate to true if either the win2000 OR release symbol has been defined. release
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A New Role for Test
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Serializing a Type as a Different Type and Deserializing an Object as a Different Object
FIGURE 14-30 Accessing workflow log details from the step s tooltip
It's a bad bad bad bad bad world It s worth noting that you could achieve the same results as the preceding by placing the expressions outside the strings, without using interpolation. For example: x = 10 y = 20 puts x.to_s + " + " + y.to_s + " = " + (x + y).to_s puts "#{x} + #{y} = #{x + y}" The two puts lines result in the same output. The first uses string concatenation (+) to join several different strings together. The numbers in x and y are converted to strings with their to_s method. However, the second puts line uses interpolation, which doesn t require the numbers to be converted to strings explicitly.
Notice that the index I created on the val column is scanned twice once to calculate the sum and once to calculate the average. In other words, provided that you have an index on the aggregated column, the index is scanned once for each subquery that returns an aggregate. If you don t have an index containing the aggregated column, matters are even worse: you ll get a table scan for each subquery. This query can be optimized using a cross join. You can calculate all needed aggregates in one query that requires only a single index or table scan. Such a query produces a single result row with all aggregates. You create a CTE de ned by this query and cross it with the base table. Now you have access to both attributes and aggregates. The solution query is shown in Listing 7-2, and it produces the more optimal plan shown in Figure 7-2.
This code must appear on every page of the web site. For Joomla users, implementing Google Analytics is extremely easy since all access occurs through the same index.php file of the current template. To add the code to a Joomla template, you can simply open the Template Manager in the Administrator interface, select the desired template, and click the Edit HTML button. The code to the template will be displayed. Scroll down to the closing tag for the document body and paste the custom code that was generated for your web site there. All pages that are rendered using that template will automatically be logged into the Google service.
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