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Part I Fundamentals
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Finally, to return shortest paths in Roads, use the same logic as the digraph shortest paths solution. Run the code in Listing 9-41 to return shortest paths in Roads as shown in Table 9-54.
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Open Default2.aspx in Source view. Inside the center zone, add a ZoneTemplate control. Next, create a simple Web Part by placing a Label control inside the ZoneTemplate control. Finally, nest a DropDownList control inside the Label control. Set the ID property to DropDownListmodes, and set the AutoPostBack property to true. Your markup should look as follows.
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26. On the Ready To Build The Service Profile page, select the Advanced Cus
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Setting Configure
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There are two types of remote access:
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Figure 5-9. The Media Manager provides access to the media folders. pdf417 free
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11. XML Processing // Write the <node3> start tag with two attributes wtr.WriteStartElement("node3"); wtr.WriteStartAttribute("", "Attribute1", ""); wtr.WriteString("Attribute value 1"); wtr.WriteEndAttribute(); wtr.WriteAttributeString("Attribute2", "Attribute value 2"); // Write an element with some text content wtr.WriteStartElement("node4"); wtr.WriteString("The content of node4"); wtr.WriteEndElement(); // Write raw XML wtr.WriteRaw("<node5>Manually formatted XML</node5>"); // Write a complete element in a single call wtr.WriteElementString("node6", "The contents of <node6>"); // WriteEndDocument automatically closes any open elements // In this case <root> and <node3> are closed. wtr.WriteEndDocument(); wtr.Close();
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16. Finally, assign the policy. Remember, only one policy can be active at a time. You must run this command at both computers.
A. Correct: You create a WCF data service by inheriting from DataService. B. Incorrect: The DataContract class is used to indicate a class that can be serialized to
Lesson 3: Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
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5 . . Open the code file and add a text member variable and a Text property, very much like the other composite control implemented . Unlike binary composite controls, User controls aren t generated with default properties . (There are some minor changes, such as the use of a Label control instead of the Literal control for accepting the palindrome status, so be sure to make the necessary adjustments if you copy and paste code from the previous control .)
You ve implemented the basic operations . All additional knowledge that the type should have can be added through additional methods and properties . So let s start with the two properties Real and Imaginary; they will be the public properties that access and modify the real and imaginary parts of a complex number:
Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
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