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Since T is contravariant, it is possible to have the following code compile and run successfully:
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Else Return CType(Regex.Replace( _ input.Value, pattern.Value, replacement.Value), SqlString) End If End Function ' FormatDatetime function ' Formats a DATETIME value based on a format string <SqlFunction(IsDeterministic:=True, DataAccess:=DataAccessKind.None)> _ Public Shared Function FormatDatetime( _ ByVal dt As SqlDateTime, ByVal formatstring As SqlString) As SqlString If (dt.IsNull Or formatstring.IsNull) Then Return SqlString.Null Else Return CType(dt.Value.ToString(formatstring.Value), SqlString) End If End Function ' Compare implicit vs. explicit casting <SqlFunction(IsDeterministic:=True, DataAccess:=DataAccessKind.None)> _ Public Shared Function ImpCast(ByVal inpStr As String) As String Return inpStr.Substring(2, 3) End Function <SqlFunction(IsDeterministic:=True, DataAccess:=DataAccessKind.None)> _ Public Shared Function ExpCast(ByVal inpStr As SqlString) As SqlString Return CType(inpStr.ToString().Substring(2, 3), SqlString) End Function ' SQLSigCLR Funcion ' Produces SQL Signature from an input query string <SqlFunction(IsDeterministic:=True, DataAccess:=DataAccessKind.None)> _ Public Shared Function SQLSigCLR(ByVal inpRawString As SqlString, _ ByVal inpParseLength As SqlInt32) As SqlString If inpRawString.IsNull Then Return SqlString.Null End If Dim pos As Integer = 0 Dim mode As String = "command" Dim RawString As String = inpRawString.Value Dim maxlength As Integer = RawString.Length Dim p2 As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder() Dim currchar As Char = " "c Dim nextchar As Char = " "c Dim ParseLength As Integer = RawString.Length If (Not inpParseLength.IsNull) Then ParseLength = inpParseLength.Value End If If (RawString.Length > ParseLength) Then maxlength = ParseLength End If While (pos < maxlength) currchar = RawString(pos)
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Briefly, you use the Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top properties to position controls in XAML. These properties are referred to as attached properties, which simply means that they are available globally in your XAML code or that they modify a property that is really exhibited by their parent. In addition to this, you can use the Canvas.ZIndex attached property to determine the Z-order position of the item, which defines the topmost object to be rendered if two or more overlap. The default Z-order behavior in XAML is that the last item drawn (farthest down in the XAML document) is topmost, but you can override this default using Canvas.ZIndex. So, consider the following XAML. It shows the code for a Canvas containing two rectangles. The rectangles use Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top to determine their upper-left corners relative to the canvas that contains them.
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public class MyNewObject { [Dependency("LocalDB")] public Database NamedDB { get; set; } }
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The Microsoft AJAX Library is actually written in JavaScript. It is a set of files that are sent to the browser to provide a base of capabilities on which you can build. ScriptManager automatically injects these scripts into the page markup. ScriptManager first determines which files are required, and if they are, it manages their inclusion in the markup. Microsoft AJAX Library support is not available unless you include a ScriptManager on your page or explicitly including these files.
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Correct Answer: B
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values. In terms of code, a property is analogous to a variable and an item to an array. Take a look at how an item is declared in the following snippet taken from the ItemsSimple.proj le:
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Exercise 2: Create a Negotiation Policy
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1. Navigate to Settings area, click Customizations, and then click Customize the System. The default solution opens. 2. Select Dashboards from the list of Solution components.
When an administrator removes or changes the password for your local account, you no longer have access to your encrypted files and e-mail messages . That s because your master key, which is needed to unlock your personal encryption certificate (which, in turn, is needed to unlock your encrypted files), is encrypted with a hash that includes your password . When the password changes, the master key is no longer accessible . To regain access to the master key (and, by extension, your encrypted files and e-mail messages), change your password back to your old password . Alternatively, use your password reset disk to change your password . When you change your own password (through User Accounts or with your password reset disk), Windows uses your old password to decrypt the master key and then reencrypts it with the new password, so your encrypted files and e-mail messages remain accessible .
HTML Server Controls
Data encryption. PPTP and L2TP support PPP-based data encryption
confused that I was seeing the assertions, because one of my test programs didn't have anything declared as static. When I looked at the stack in the debugger, I found I was looking at a symbol named something like $E127. There was a call to _penter in the function and everything looked good. It finally dawned on me that I was looking at a compiler-generated function, such as a copy constructor. Although I really would have liked to keep the error checking in the code, I noticed that there were quite a few of those compiler-generated functions in some programs, so all I could do was report the problem with a TRACE statement in debug builds. The last interesting aspect of SWS is the tuning of a module. The code for the TuneModule function is large, so Listing 19-4 shows only the algorithm. As you can see, I work to ensure that I pack each code page with as many functions as possible to eliminate padding. The interesting part is where I hunt down the best-fitting function. I decided to try to pack as many functions with execution counts as possible into the pages. If I couldn't find a function with an execution count that fit, I used a function that had no execution counts. My initial algorithm for fitting everything together worked great. However, it started crashing when tuning certain modules. A little exploration revealed that I was getting into a situation in which I had a page almost filled but also had a function whose size was bigger than the page. That's right a function size reported by the symbol engine was bigger than a memory page. When I looked more closely, I noticed that those huge functions appeared only when they were the last symbols in the code section. Evidently, the symbol engine treats everything after certain symbols as part of the symbol, so the size is wrong. In the tuning algorithm, you can see that when I get a symbol larger than the page size, the only thing I can do is punt and drop the symbol into the order file. That might not be the best solution, but it's a boundary condition that you shouldn't run into too often. Listing 19-4: The SWS tuning algorithm // The TuneModule algorithm. BOOL TuneModule ( LPCTSTR szModule ) { Build the output .SWS filename. Copy the base .SWS file to a temporary file Open the temporary .SWS file for each szModule.#.SWS in the directory { Verify this #.SWS link time matches the temporary .SWS file for each address in this #.SWS { Add this address's execution count to the same address in the temporary file 689
Part I CLR Basics
Now that the user has been successfully authenticated with Windows credentials, ADFS can generate a SAML token based on the Windows identity. ADFS looks up the claim mapping rules associated with the application using the wtrealm parameter mentioned in step 1 and executes them. The result of those rules is a set of claims that will be included in a SAML assertion and sent to the user s browser. The following XML code shows the token that was generated (some attributes and namespaces were deleted for clarity).
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Exercise 1: Deleting the ICS-Enabled Connection
public static class SomeType { private static void Test() { Int32 x = 5; Guid g = new Guid(); // This call to M compiles fine because // Int32 implements IComparable AND IConvertible M(x); // This call to M causes a compiler error because // Guid implements IComparable but it does not implement IConvertible M(g); } // M's type parameter, T, is constrained to work only with types that // implement both the IComparable AND IConvertible interfaces private static Int32 M<T>(T t) where T : IComparable, IConvertible { ... } }
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