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FIGURE 10-3 Setting the Stretch property to None.
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The Timer class also offers a Dispose method which allows you to cancel the timer altogether and optionally signal the kernel object identified by the notifyObject parameter when all pending callbacks for the time have completed . Here is what the Dispose method overloads look like:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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But if i is supposed to be larger, you ll have a test like
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The CLR needed to provide this concept of foreground and background threads to better support AppDomains . You see, each AppDomain could be running a separate application and each of these applications would have its own foreground thread . If one application exits, causing its foreground thread to terminate, then the CLR still needs to stay up and running so that other applications continue to run . After all the applications exit and all their foreground threads terminate, the whole process can be destroyed . The following code demonstrates the difference between foreground and background threads:
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For a detailed overview of Prism s region support and information about how to use regions, view injection, and discovery to compose the application s UI, see 7, Composing the User Interface. The rest of this chapter describes how regions have been extended to support view-based navigation, and how this addresses the various challenges described earlier. Basic Region Navigation Both view injection and view discovery can be considered to be limited forms of navigation view injection is a form of explicit, programmatic navigation, and view discovery is a form of implicit or deferred navigation. However, in Prism 4.0, regions have been extended to support a more general notion of navigation based on URIs and an extensible navigation mechanism. Navigation within a region means that a new view is to be displayed in that region. The view to be displayed is identified via a URI, which, by default, refers to the name of the view to be created. You can programmatically initiate navigation by using the RequestNavigate method defined by the INavigateAsync interface. Note: Despite its name, the INavigateAsync interface does not support asynchronous navigation that s carried out on a separate background thread. Instead, the INavigate Async interface gives you the ability to perform pseudo-asynchronous navigation. The RequestNavigate method may return synchronously following the completion of navigation operation, or it may return while a navigation operation is still pending, as in the case where the user needs to confirm the navigation. By allowing you to specify callbacks and continuations during navigation, Prism provides a mechanism to enable these scenarios without requiring the complexity of navigating on a background thread. The INavigateAsync interface is implemented by the Region class, allowing you to initiate navigation within the region.
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/* Set up an array containing input parameters to be passed to the remote procedure */ $request = array ('SubscriptionId' => AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID, 'Request' => array ('Operation' => 'ItemSearchRequest', 'Keywords' => AMAZON_SEARCH_KEYWORDS, 'SearchIndex' => AMAZON_SEARCH_NODE, 'ResponseGroup' => AMAZON_RESPONSE_GROUPS, 'Sort' => 'salesrank')); // Invoke the method $result = $client->ItemSearch($request); return $result; } catch (SoapFault $fault) { trigger_error('SOAP Fault: (faultcode: ' . $fault->faultcode . ', ' . 'faultstring: ' . $fault->faultstring . ')', E_USER_ERROR); } } /* Places an "image not available" picture for products with no image, and saves the results in an array with a simple structure for easier handling at the upper levels */ private function DataFormat($result) { /* Variable k is the index of the $new_result array, which will contain the Amazon products to be displayed in HatShop */ $k = 0; $new_result = array (); /* Analyze all products retrieved from ECS and save them into the $new_result array */ for ($i = 0; $i < count($result->Items->Item); $i++) { // Make a temporary copy for product data $temp = $result->Items->Item[$i]; /* Set product's image to images/not_available.jpg, if image url is empty */ if (property_exists($temp, 'SmallImage') && ((string) $temp->SmallImage->URL) != '') $new_result[$k]['image'] = (string) $temp->SmallImage->URL; else
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Inspecting node : root Namespace: xml = http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace Inspecting node : node1 Attribute: att1 = abc Attribute: att2 = cde Namespace: a = someNamespaceUri Namespace: xml = http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace Inspecting node : node2 Attribute: att1 = xyz Namespace: b = someOtherNamespaceUri Namespace: a = someNamespaceUri Namespace: xml = http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace
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Allows logging on as Administrators Allow Logon Through Termi- a Terminal Services client nal Services
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carefully enough. The errors were visible but the programmers didn t notice them (Myers 1978). You must hope to find errors in your code. Such a hope might seem like an unnatural act, but you should hope that it s you who finds the errors and not someone else. A key question is, How much time should be spent in developer testing on a typical project A commonly cited figure for all testing is 50% of the time spent on the project, but that s misleading for several reasons. First, that particular figure combines testing and debugging; testing alone takes less time. Second, that figure represents the amount of time that s typically spent rather than the time that should be spent. Third, the figure includes independent testing as well as developer testing. As Figure 22-1 shows, depending on the project s size and complexity, developer testing should probably take 8 to 25% of the total project time. This is consistent with much of the data that has been reported.
If the subquery returns two or more different values, the first expression is always FALSE, because X can never be equal to two different values at the same time. Likewise, if the subquery returns two or more different values, the second expression is always TRUE, because any X will be different from at least one of those two values from the subquery.
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A class that wraps a potentially large native resource should use these methods to give the garbage collector a hint as to how much memory is really being consumed . Internally, the garbage collector monitors this pressure, and when it gets high, a garbage collection is forced . There are some native resources that are fixed in number . For example, Windows formerly had a restriction that it could create only five device contexts . There had also been a restriction on the number of files that an application could open . Again, from the CLR s perspective, a process could allocate hundreds of objects (that use little memory) before performing a collection . But if the number of these native resources is limited, attempting to use more
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