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d. Add two ListItem elements to the DropDownList control, name them Professional
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Building an e-commerce site requires a significant investment. If you design the site in phases, you can reduce the initial investment and therefore cut your losses if the idea proves unsuccessful. You can use the results from an early phase to assess whether it s worthwhile to add extra features, and even use revenue from the site to fund future development. If nothing else, planning to build the site in phases means that you can get your site online and receiving orders much earlier than if you build every possible feature into the first release. Even after you ve completed your initial planned phases, things might not end there. Whenever planning a large software project, it s important to design in a way that makes unplanned future growth easy. In 2, where we ll start dealing with the technical details of building e-commerce sites, you ll learn how to design the web site architecture to allow for long-term development flexibility. If you re building sites for clients, they will like to think their options are open. Planning the site, or any other software, in phases will help your clients feel comfortable doing business with you. They will be able to see that you are getting the job done and can decide to end the project at the end of any phase if they feel for whatever reason that they don t want to continue to invest in development.
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Column_name ---------------------id cn Real part Imaginary part Real part int Type -------------int nvarchar float float int Computed -----------no no no no no Length ---------4 4000 8 8 4
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Part IV
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Figure 7-16 A no-code implementation of a master/detail scheme based on a combination of GridView and DetailsView controls
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IAS performs the authentication of the VPN connection by communicating
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2. What is a good reason for assigning a policy by means of Netsh when Group Policy can be used to simply assign an IPSec policy across multiple computers a. Using Netsh is the only way to apply a policy that can be used to permit a user s computer to be used for a telnet session with another computer while blocking all other telnet communications. b. Using Netsh is more easily implemented when multiple machines need to be configured. c. You can apply Netsh even if the computers are not joined in a domain, and Group Policy can work only in a domain. d. You can use Netsh to create a persistent policy that will be used if Group Policy cannot be used.
With the foundation now in place we can put together the service layer for the TechConf application using Spring. We will, of course, reuse the service interfaces already created for the EJB3 implementation in 5. Let s implement a few of the conference-related methods in the ConferenceService interface as shown in Listing 6-20. Listing 6-20. ConferenceService Interface List<ConferenceSummary> getActiveConferences(); List<ConferenceSummary> getAllConferences(); ConferenceSummary getConferenceSummary(int conferenceId); List<RoomInfo> getRooms(int venueId);
For the first request, the ServicePointManager default values will be applied. Subsequent requests will be subject to the configured values. ServicePoint instances will be released for garbage collection if a connection isn't made to the server within the time limit. Subsequent connections will result in a new ServicePoint being created with the defaults from ServicePointManager. We recommend changing the default values where possible to avoid incorrect settings being accidentally applied. Table 14-8 lists the methods and properties defined in the ServicePoint class.
mysql> CREATE DATABASE joomla;
Adding a Cascading Style Sheet to Your Theme
Restrict Access to Resources
Page 292 You can simplify the process for the user. You can restrict the choices you offer to the user. For instance, you might only allow publishing using a specific profile. You can make the publishing process uniform across an entire organization. For instance, everyone in the marketing department can publish to the same server. You can make it easy to update or change the behavior of the Publish Wizard on many computers across your organization. For example, if the marketing department changes to a new Web server, employees can be directed to update their computers with new server information and settings simply by clicking a link. Customizing Registry Keys When you used the Publish Wizard to add a new item to the Web server list in chapter 11, Producer stored the data associated with the new Web server in the registry. The registry is a database that is an integral part of Microsoft Windows. Windows uses the registry to store data about all kinds of things important to the operating system. Programmers who write Windows-based applications can access the registry to store and retrieve system data, as well as manipulate custom data that they require for their programs. You can work with the registry by using an editing program provided with Windows, called Registry Editor. To use Registry Editor, run the file regedit.exe.
It s one thing to use Qt s components to trigger actions as you saw in the last chapter, both simple controls like buttons and complex ones like list views emit signals when the
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