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USE db1; EXEC db2.dbo.Proc1 <arguments>;
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Prototypes are perhaps the most useful method to document your interaction design. They can be used to document your current design and as a means to iterate and expand the design for the future. Prototypes should be quick to build and quick to modify, so that new ideas can be evaluated in a timely manner. A complex prototype can quickly become useless if the design has evolved rapidly beyond what the prototype can show. Instead of one large all-encompassing prototype, it may be more efficient to make multiple smaller prototypes that focus on a single feature or experience of the application. Furthermore, prototypes do not need to be actual working code. Some application behavior can be represented and explored using a static visual representation, such as PowerPoint or even drawings on pieces of paper. Flowella is an interaction design and prototyping tool available from Forum Nokia. It is meant for designers and other nonprogrammers to quickly prototype and interact with UIs during the design and development process. The tool allows you to quickly and easily add navigation and flow information to visual assets, then play with the resulting prototype on a desktop simulator or on an actual mobile device using Flash, web widgets, or even QML. The graphical assets can be anything from simple sketches or wireframes to production-ready artwork. Flowella allows an easy creation of deviceready prototypes, so it is a cool way to quickly generate lots of real-world interaction data. Let s take a more detailed look at Flowella by walking through an example. Let s imagine we want to design an application to look at data of recent earthquakes. We probably want to see all the recent quakes displayed in a list. When you touch a single quake, we
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If you use the Pseudocode Programming Process, your blocks of code will be separated automatically. For details, see 9, The Pseudocode Programming Process.
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As shown in Listing 6-31, a Tiles JSP uses Tiles tags to insert attributes into the template page. The tiles-defs.xml file shown in Listing 6-32 contains a single definition for the view conferenceList, which uses the template (template.jsp) as the frame for the page. Inside the definition element we define the value to be inserted for the property pageTitle and more importantly the value to be used for the body property defined in the template, which corresponds to the conferenceList.jsp page previously created. Listing 6-32. Tiles Definition File <!DOCTYPE tiles-definitions PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 1.1//EN" ""> <tiles-definitions> <definition name="conferenceList" page="/WEB-INF/jsp/template.jsp"> <put name="pageTitle" value="Conferences" /> <put name="body" value="/WEB-INF/jsp/conferenceList.jsp" /> </definition> ... </tiles-definitions> The second bean shown in Listing 6-30 is the viewResolver bean, which tells Spring MVC to use a TilesView, which is a view implementation corresponding to a Tiles definition. This resolution strategy takes the URL as the name of the Tiles definition. The viewResolver bean depends implicitly on the Tiles DefinitionsFactory object which was also implicitly created via the tilesConfigurer bean.
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Add-in. Client computers must have the Microsoft Office 2003 Spreadsheet Web Component (owc11.exe) installed. The component is installed by default as part of a Microsoft Office 2003 installation. The Microsoft Office Components for SharePoint Products and Technologies (stspkpl.exe), which include the Office Spreadsheet Web Part must be installed on the server before you can import custom web parts created using the add-in.
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Figure A-2. Testing the PHP installation 11. After clicking Next, confirm the creation of the postgres user account in Windows. If you are warned about your password being weak, it s probably safe to say No when asked about replacing it with a random password during development on your local machine.
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What if you re not certain which of two stories you want to present until you re standing in front of the audience The section Tip 4: Multiple Stories, Multiple Templates in 4 explored the possibilities of developing two related story templates in parallel. Both stories presumably relate to the same topic, so they should share the same Setting slide because this is a general statement about the context that everyone should agree is true. You can use this single slide as the starting point for whichever story you choose to present from that point forward. To do this, create a separate PowerPoint le from each story template, and then copy and paste all of the slides from the second presentation to the right of the last slide in the rst presentation. This creates a nested storyboard in which the second story sits in the same le as the rst. Note the number of the slide that begins the Role slide of the second story. When you present the Setting slide, ask the audience a question such as, Which option do you prefer, 1 or 2 Based on their responses, if you decide to stay on path 1 with the rst story, you advance the slides as usual. But if you decide to take the alternative path 2, type the number of the Role slide of the second story and press Enter to go directly to that slide and begin that story instead.
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com.integrallis.techconf.dto.BlogEntry; com.integrallis.techconf.dto.ConferenceSummary; com.integrallis.techconf.dto.PresenterSummary; com.integrallis.techconf.web.tapestry.domain.LoggedInUser; com.integrallis.techconf.web.tapestry.pages.common.ActiveConferencePage;
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Figure 10-4 : The results returned by a call to the HelloWorld method with Spanish In Figure 10-4, notice that the URL in the Address bar is nothing more than a path to the .asmx file, along with the parameter, passed exactly as it would be to an ASP.NET Web Forms page. Notice in Figure 10-2 the warning that the XML Web service is using http:// as its namespace. This is the default namespace Visual Studio .NET uses for XML Web services. This namespace is fine for testing XML Web services, but a real XML Web service should point to a different namespace. To change the namespace used by the XML Web service, you need to add a line such as this immediately before the class declaration: <WebService(Namespace:="http://ProgrammingASP.NET/webservices/")> The URL doesn t have to be anything specific, nor does it actually need to exist. Using WebMethod Attribute Properties The WebMethod attribute accepts six properties to control how the XML Web service operates. These properties are described in Table 10-1. Table 10-1 : Properties of the WebMethod Attribute Property BufferResponse Description Enables buffering of responses from the XML Web service. The default value is true, and this is almost always the best setting. If set to false, the response from the XML Web service will be sent to the requesting client in 16-KB blocks. The syntax for setting this parameter is shown here: [Visual Basic.NET] <WebMethod(BufferResponse:=False)> [C#]
L. Hutcheson, "Exploratory Testing versus Requirements-Based Testing: A Comparative Study," paper presented at Practical Software Quality and Testing Conference, 2007.
Troubleshooting Windows Errors
Active Directory is the center of your VPN security.
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