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VPN servers are reachable from the Internet by using the Ping tool to ping the name or address of your VPN server with a 5-second timeout (using the -w command line option) when directly connected to the Internet. If you see a Destination unreachable error message, the VPN server is not reachable.
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Nancy C. Muir, author of PowerPoint 2007 Plain & Simple, recommends these three features to try: 1. New SmartArt Graphics enable you to turn a bulleted list into the elements of a diagram, instantly becoming, for example, the text labels on the boxes of a workflow diagram. 2. When you rest your mouse cursor on an image preview in a gallery, such as Themes, the effect is previewed on your slide. 3. Presenter View offers a separate view of your presentation when you have two monitors available so you can easily display your speaker notes as you give your presentation.
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rying computer then performs another iterative query to the name server This latter name server finally responds to the querying computer with the IP address of the host, for which the name server is authoritative.
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Windows SBS Reliability and Performance Monitoring
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S+S moves the processing to the place that makes the most sense for the user and the user experience. For rich clients such as Outlook, the majority of the processing happens on the user's computer. Similarly, with smart phone e-mail clients, the phone handles the majority of the processing. S+S also emphasizes the ability to work offline as well as the capability to have clients that bridge internal and cloud services as we see with the Outlook Connector that can read corporate email and a personal account in one integrated experience. In the near future, servers will run in a hybrid mode, seamlessly integrating corporate servers with cloud servers and extranet services. In the WLM example, down-level browsers are examples of SaaS, and Outlook, Outlook Mobile, and the WLM rich e-mail client are examples of S+S. The last element of this example shows how services are no longer stand-alone. For example, in the case of WLM, authentication (when a user enters a valid user name and password) is provided by the Windows Live ID service. This concept is discussed later in the section titled "Moving from Stand-Alone to Layered Services." With S+S, compatibility goes far beyond just various browser versions and may include dozens of different clients, as shown in Figure 14-2. Additionally, high availability, scalability, strong security, and trusted policies and procedures for maintaining privacy are more critical than they are even in enterprise scenarios. From a test perspective, this means that quality is deeply tied to features, architecture, and most uniquely with services and the procedures for running and maintaining them. At Microsoft, test plays a big role in driving these issues deep into the product and ensuring proper implementation. Test even evaluates and in many cases directly tests the underlying policies for running a service.
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Locate the Machine.config file and open it with Notepad. Explore the various settings that exist in the Machine.config file. Locate and open the Web.config file that exists in the same folder as the Machine.config file. Examine the settings that exist in this file.
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data: "{'myParameter': 'paramValue'}",
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Single Line of Text
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We can now serialize our application s state to a single stream with a method that looks like this:
Figure 5-34. Set your Export settings from phpMyAdmin to match those shown here for best Joomla backup.
Template Installation
File-description comment #include files Constant definitions Enums Macro function definitions Type definitions Global variables and functions imported Global variables and functions exported Variables and functions that are private to the file Classes
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